Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 1

This morning my first day of Booty Camp. No, that’s really the name of the camp. HA! I have two words for you…HOLY COW! Right now my whole body hurts, especially my booty! When I was walking up the stairs to my office, I thought I was going to have to stop for a break between floors 4 and 5! I didn’t even hurt this bad after the ½ marathon, and that was running for over 2 hours! GEEZZ!

I feel that I'm in good shape. Well I thought I was in pretty good shape. I have the capability to run, go to aerobics, and walk all in one day, which I do often. See that's being in good shape! So you would think, a Booty Camp put on by Jazzercise wouldn’t be tough. I guess I was WRONG! I signed up thinking this would be tough but not gut retching tough. Heavens, I have 4 weeks of this crap! I better lose some freakin’ weight and start looking like her!


Renee said...

I need something like this!!! I should look up Jazzercise in my area...only I can't do aerobics cuz I can't follow the moves right. Hummm

I hope you make it through booty camp and come out looking awesome!

TC said...

I think you are in great shape... they are just making you into a super nazi jazzercizer ready to kick everyone else's tail?

OK Chick said...

Renee- you should look up Jazzercise in your area. You could do the moves. It's just hoping around with some dancing type moves. If I can do it...anyone can. :)

TC- thank you! I feel that I am in good shape as well, but man I'm hurting today.

Renee said...

Hey ok chick,
re: Brother #3. He's 33 (34 in Aug) lives in Tampa, FL. Last I heard he had his degree to be a Funeral Director, but wanted to do Crime Scene Clean-up instead because he didn't like working with the living. Oh and I also heard that he was living with a gal...however, he does own his own house.

Bone said...

I'm just here looking for a Tuesday post.

And honestly, I don't find Jessica Simpson all that attractive.