Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Fun Facts

We finally made it to Friday! Man, it’s been a long week. In honor of Friday, I thought I’d post another Fun Friday Facts. I like all the F’s, it’s catchy you know? This week I thought I’d do facts about myself. Again, this is my blog so I can post whatever! I bet you didn’t know this, but you really don’t know much about me. Ok, so you know a lot about me but….oh never mind, The Post a Day after the Month of May is harder than I thought it would be, and I just don’t have anything to say today. SOOO here are some Friday Fun Facts about OK Chick….
When I was younger, I hated the beach. I had no desire to go to the beach...I just wanted a pool.
I LOVE ice. I chomp on it all the time. At work we have the small ice, which is great for chomping. I know it’s bad for my teeth. My mom points that out every time I chomp ice in front of her. But the funny thing, she does it too!

My dad, Sister #1, and I work in the same industry. It’s not odd to see my dad walk past my office on a given day.

Despite the fact that I’ve ran a jillion races, I still get nervous before every race.

I have never gone out and bought a lottery ticket.

One of my favorite songs of all time is a country song. I actually converted Sister #1 and Sister #2 to loving the song. It’s the fishing song…..

You and me going fishing in the dark,

Lying on our backs and counting the stars

Where the cool grass grows.

Down by the river in the full moon light,

Well be fallin in love in the middle of the night

Just movin slow...

I believe that The Cosby’s Show is the best family TV show that has ever aired. Ok, besides that show Kirk Cameron was in…that was pretty good too.

I’m bad about wearing one pair of earrings for a month, before taking them out and wearing a different pair. Sometimes I’ll go a month without wearing earrings. Right now I'm taking a break from earrings.

The other day I said… “Well that’s just the way I roll”. It sounded weird for me to say this phrase. I don’t know if I’ll say it again. It was my first time to say it, maybe I need to say it a few more times before I make my decision.

I have been entertaining the Blogger World since 2005. My first blog had two years worth of post on it, and I decided to delete the blog. The next day I started this one, which is exactly like the old one minus all the post. I think I missed blabbing to a bunch of strangers.

I believe this is all the Fun Facts I'll be sharing today. I must get to my job!


monamachel1 said...

My dad, me and my mom all work in the same industry. Not to mention two uncles. I guess it is our family thing!!! How many are also in the police field???
Growing Pains was the show with Kirk Cameron. I totally agree with the Cosby's. I can still watch hours and hours of that show!!!

Bone said...

Oh, I still get nervous before a race, too. That's funny because I have no chance to win. My highest finish ever was 57th this year. But I still get nervous.

I guess that's how we roll.

Renee said...

I've been blogging since 2005 also. I don't remember when I met Bone...seems like forever. LOL!

I totally agree with the Cosby show! I still watch the reruns when I can catch them. I totally loved it when the family did that dance (for Claire & Cliff's anniversary I think) singing "Night and Day" I can still hear Ruthy belting out "BABY!" LOL!

TC said...

Fishin' in the dark may very well be one of the great songs of all time.

And I'm glad you changed your mind about the beach or I might have to boycott your blog.

Sarah said...

I love random lists! (as if you couldn't guess that from my blog)

My parents always got on to me for chewing ice too. Oh-- and I don't run races so I can't get nervous before them....but I do always get butterflies when driving to the airport before flying out somewhere. (Doesn't matter if it is Dallas or China)

auntlinda34 said...

Is it time for a pair of new shoes?