Thursday, May 1, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

It finally feels like spring here in my great state. Ok, let me rephrase that…it looks like spring. Once you go outside you are blown away by the 30mph wind. No, I’m serious its 30 mph wind today. But May is the time when we receive beautiful days. I find that beautiful days always put people in happy moods. Also, these things put me in happy moods. Here are a few of my newest favorite things. Really, like you care. But again, it’s MY BLOG so I’m going to post them!

So last night I made carrots in these things. They were good and it only took 3 minutes. I highly recommend these time saving bags.

Every year I aim for a cool tan line on my feet, thanks to these cool sandals!

Ok, you have got to try these suckers. AMAZING! I have converted my whole office to these bars. I am 100% certain Fiber One should pay me some type of reward. I sure have I've boosted sales around here!

This is my new favorite movie. I purchased the DVD last night. I never buy DVDs!
PS- I have a huge crush on the main guy character, I have no idea what his name is, but he's really cute!

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TC said...

James Marsden, I think?

LOVE that movie. I rarely go see movies, but I loved it. It was soooooo dead on.