Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Can you believe that today is the last day of April? Before you know it, summer will have come and gone. I think this is one of those signs you are getting old. The first sign is you complain about the weather, which I do often. The second sign is you talk about how fast time flies. So its official, I’ve reached the first two stages of getting old. Super. Anyway, to celebrate how fast time is flying, I feel a good old post of Ramblings is due. Also, I have tons to ramble about today.

Speaking of summer, I already have rockin’ plans for the summer. I will be attending some of OKC’s coolest summer concerts. I’m kicking off my summer concert series this weekend. Friday night I’m going to see a cutie-puttee country star. I’m so excited! The second concert is in June. Are you ready for this? Sister #1 and I are going to see- Cyndi Lauper, B-52s, Joan Jett, and a few other people I don’t know. But I get to see Cyndi Lauper! When I asked Sister #1 if she wanted to accompany me to the concert she replied, who? Are you freakin’ kidding me? I about had a heart attack. Don’t worry folks, I quickly educated my sister. Thank goodness she knew who they were after I sang “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Love Shack”. The third concert is in August- Dave Matthews. I’m super pumped to see Dave. It’s going to be a great concert. I purchased my tickets for Dave the weekend they went on sale. Now I just need a cool concert for July.

The YOY is back for me! In case you forgot YOY stands for…Year of Yes. I realize it’s been about four months since I’ve babbled about the YOY. Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten. Ok, fine quick review incase you have forgotten.....
Back in November Holly and I decided to make 2008 the Year of Yes. We decided we were going to say yes to all dates. Ring a bell now????
Anyway, I must say I was doing pretty dang good with YOY. Then I got a bit sidetracked from the YOY, but now I’m back on the straight and narrow path. I feel that I’m ready to take back the challenge of YOY. Actually, I’ve been back with YOY for two weeks. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just didn’t know if you guys would be ready for the big announcement.

I have super news for all ice cream fans out in Blogger World!!!! Tonight from 5-10 Baskin Robbins will be having a 31 cent scoop night. Participating stores will reduce prices of small ice cream scoops to 31 cents. They are honoring firefighters. I’m not a huge fan of ice cream but I’m all about honoring firefighters!

Last night I was able to participate in something really neat. Last night my Relay for Life committee hosted a Cancer Survivors Dinner for all the cancer survivors in my town. This is the fourth year my family has been part of this dinner, and like all previous years it was a huge success! I know the committee worked hard to make the evening special to all the cancer survivors. I actually got to give a short spill about Luminaries during the dinner. I knew I wasn’t going to have great things to say so I took a cute 4 year old up on stage with me. Thankfully, the cute 4 year old won the crowd over for me. It was a great evening and the dinner was amazing! Outback Steakhouse donated all the food and Brown’s Bakery made us individual cakes. I highly recommend both places.

Monday is Cinco de Mayo. I feel that it’s my duty to celebrate by eating Mexican food. Wouldn’t you agree it’s the right thing to do? Heck, I’m about to pitch an idea to my boss of working half day on Monday. I want to get a jump start on the eating part. Ok, scratch all that…my boss isn’t in the greatest mood. I think I’ll wait to pitch the half day idea.

Today during lunch I went back to the mall. Now before you get all judgy on me….I went for a specific reason. The new fab purse I bought yesterday had a make-up stain on it. Sista’ #1 pointed out the stain last night. It hacked me off because it was brand new, and I didn’t want to return the purse. I knew I didn’t put the stain on the purse so I felt it was only fair to return the purse. Anyway, I exchanged the purse today during lunch. You hear that Sista’ #1? I exchanged the purse. She made me promise her I’d take the purse back. Anyway, while I was there they were having a sale. It was Friends and Family day. I was so happy that Macy’s considered me a Friend and/or Family! I’m telling ya, it’s all about who you know in retail. Since they were having a sale I had to purchase something. I bought a new dress. It was 40% off and then I got an additional 20%. Who could pass up a deal like that? No one. Also, I need new clothes. I really do. I own absolutely nothing that fits anymore. Ok, I have some things that fit but mostly everything is too big. I’m sorry think what you want, but I need clothes to cloth myself.

So if you’d look to your right you’ve noticed that I just added this cool map feature to my blog. Ok, so the map has been there for about a month. Anyway, I think it’s neat to see where my readers are located. No I’m not stalking you guys; I just wonder where you are from. I now know where you are from…but who are you? Who’s reading my mindless babble, besides my aunt and cousin?

WELLL I believe I’ve Rambled enough for today. Have a great Wednesday!


TC said...

Wow, those were some ramblings!!!!

I'm jealous of your concerts! Who's the cutie? Oh and Cyndi Lauper's great! I saw her and Cher together... oh 6ish years ago now! I was wayyyyy more excited to see CL than Cher to be honest, but the whole thing ended up being great.

Wow, YOY is back on huh? Sorry.

TC said...

OH yeah, and the map feature's not showing up for me? But that's OK, I already know that I'm hanging out in Madison, Wisconsin without a map to tell me that. I mean, it snowed the last two days... there's only a limited number of places away from the poles that can say that!

OK Chick said...

Friday night I'm going to see Kenny Chesney.
CL toured with Cher? Random.
You are still getting snow? Good grief.

TC said...

Ooooh, I heart KC. Good times. I've seen him a couple of times and he puts on a great show: enjoy!

And yeah... thankfully it's not sticking, but just seeing white stuff in the air's too much for me. I really need to move.

OK Chick said...

You can always come to the south or the midwest...whatever OK is classified as. OKC only gets snow in the winter and it's only a few inches. Sure, the news makes it seem like it's 20ft but then again what else would they talk about.

TC said...

I think OK classifies as the south considering WI is the midwest :) I'm not sure I want to deal with all the twisters ya'll get though... we get a couple of nasty ones every year or so, but...

Yeah, OK, it's official: I'm old and complaining about the weather too much as well.