Friday, May 2, 2008

Jump Back!

Me: Eat quick
Sister #: Why? (Tornado sirens are blaring in the background)
Me: Tornado in Midwest/Del City
Sister #1: Who are you watching?
Me: Gary (my weather guy). It’s getting good, so far Rick (weather guy on channel 8) has yelled as his people and Gary’s getting excited.
Sister #1: How much time do I have?
Me: I’d say about 30 minutes.
Sister #1: Is Val (storm chaser my sister loves) out yet?
Me: Yup
Sister #1: I’ll be home in a few minutes.

The tornado didn’t come towards us at all! I was hacked because they wouldn’t get off the TV for Grey’s. I’m all for interrupting TV programming when the tornado is near the viewing audience, but when you start getting up near KS…give it up and get off the TV. Nothing is going to happen!!!! AHHH, I missed Grey’s last night because Gary, Rick, and other weather man wouldn’t shut up! At one point they were talking about how no one had lost power and no one was reporting damage. Really! Sometimes I think they just like to hear themselves talk. All-in-all it was a boring storm chasing night. Gary didn't even use is freak out phrase....'Jump back'. He says that when it's serious.

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