Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cosmo's 30 day challenge

Last night while in class I was surfing the Internet. Yes, I realize I’m paying good money for my education and I should be fully focused on the professor, but I wasn’t. I don’t know if you guys have realized this, but I have the attention span of a four year old. Asking me to sit still and pay attention for 3.5 hours is absurd. So to break up the time I surf the internet. I guess I should start calling it multi-tasking, because really I’m listening to the professor (despite what I just said), surfing the Internet, and IMing the girl beside me. See multi-tasking! Who says I didn’t learn anything in my early years of college!

Anyway, where was I…oh surfing the Internet, while listening to the professor. One of the websites I stumbled onto was Cosmo. Now, I’ve read Cosmo a couple times, I am a girl. However, I can’t say I have ever been to their website. It’s actually a very informative website. Here are a couple things I learned:

1. Alcoholism is up in women.
2. How to find jeans that will fit my body.
3. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett (whatever her last name is) are getting married.
4. My horoscope.
5. 10 Things my boss never told me but should.
6. Sexy Perfumes.
7. How to meet a guy in 30 days.

As you can imagine number 7 stopped me dead in my tracks. As I read all 30 suggestions I realized that Cosmo is a genius! No wonder women have been reading them for years! They held the answer to one of the oldest questions. How to find a guy? Ok, so maybe I’m adding a smidge of sarcasm right now. Actually, I’m being 100% sarcastic. The suggestions they offered were hilarious. I was Iming them to the girl next to me and even she was laughing. IM Buddy pointed out a few things to me. Point number one, it only took her 3,654 days to find her husband. Yeah, I felt that was super encouraging as well. Point number two, she felt pretty certain it would take me 300 days to find a date- not 30. I was certain I could find someone in less than 300 days. I mean, that’s almost a full year. She finally agreed, and changed her guess to 299. I guess 299 days sounds better than 300 days; or not.

If you would like to take the Cosmo 30 day challenge here’s Day 1:
Email all your contacts and let everyone know that you are looking for a man, and willing to be set up. **

**So I paraphrased some, but that’s basically what it said.


TC said...

I read that article and was like, "Um, do you think some of us haven't already tried those things?"

I probably won't have a date for 300 days...

monamachel1 said...

So, I have told that to all of my friends. Know what they did??!! Laughed for awhile and then said, no you aren't! They said they won't fix me up with people because I won't go. I guess I am not the openmindness person I thought I was!!

Snickleoh said...

whats your personal email?? ;)
set up time!

Bone said...

I think I'll pass. I'm not big on set ups. Or guys.

Oh, what happened to Guy #3? Did you dump him after he passed you in that race?

OK Chick said...

TC- Here's to the next 300 days of being dateless!!! Kidding.

Mona- Surely, your friends didn't laugh. You have bad friends...have we ever talked about that. :)

Stacey- I sent you a facebook message.

Bone- Someone has not been reading my blog. I made the announcement that Year of Yes is back on, which means Guy #3 and I are no longer dating.

Renee said...

so you want me to fix you up with someone? Hummm who do I know that's single?

The only guy I can think of is my BIL who is 47 still single and a flight attendant. are ya interested?

See that's the problem with us old married types...all we know are other old married types.

I hear those dating services work great though. ;) I should read the article, was that a suggestion?

d.j. iverson said...

the funniest thing will be if it works, then you have to tell everyone you met because of something you read in cosmo.

TC said...

No day #2 advice?

OK Chick said...

TC-Sorry no advice for today. However, Cosmo did name Apple Store best place to meet men. Try your local Apple Store this weekend. :) Good Luck!!!

TC said...

Do you think I could just purchase a man along with a new iPod?