Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Every time I look at you I go blind"

The title of this post goes out to a special Hootie & the Blowfish band member. Today, he is celebrating a birthday. I’m assuming it’s the main guy, but I don’t know. I actually don’t even know the main guys name. Anyway, Happy Birthday Hootie & the Blowfish dude.
Blogger World today is a special day. It’s May 13, 2008, which really means nothing unless you are the Howtie & the Blowfish guy. But if you are not him, then know it’s just going to be a good day. Monday is over and Friday is around the corner. But this post is just a normal good ole’ Weekend Updates for this fab day, and to help everyone get excited about the weekend.

What do you suppose this single gal did on her free Friday night? Nope. You are all wrong with your guesses. Are you ready for this? I went to grocery shopping. I know! Oh wait it gets better. After I was done roaming the isle of the grocery store, I came home and watched Sister Act 2 on TV. Right. Since Friday night makes me look like a loser we’ll move on to Saturday.

Ah, Saturday was a much better day, not that Friday was bad. I kind of enjoy watching Sister Act 2. Whoopi is a funny lady! Anyway, my Saturday started out running a race. I know, like I’d do anything else on a Saturday morning. However, this race was at the Zoo. No, we didn’t get to run through the Zoo, even though that’s what I thought I was signing up to do. After the race my racing buddy, my friend Andrew, and I walked around in the Zoo. It was SO fun. The animals were out eating so I got to see lots of animals. I was even able to witness those big turtles eating and walking around.
The rest of Saturday was spent mowing the yard and planting flowers. I planted many flowers to brighten up the house. We needed some color.
OH my goodness, you guys will never guess what I found in my backyard while I was mowing? My dollar bill! It came back to me. I couldn’t believe my dollar was still in the backyard after the crazy wind we’ve had lately.
Saturday night was spent in Hometown, USA. I practiced for my future job- Rock Star. Sister #2 has Guitar Hero, and I think I mastered 3 songs on level Easy.

Mother’s Day! Sister #1 and I cooked the fam lunch. It was part of our Mother’s Day present. After lunch we watched The Greatest Mom open all her presents.
Sunday night was quite the evening. Sister #1 and I proved our awesomeness. The two of us moved a 300lb TV from our entertainment center to the curb…ALL BY OURSELF! Yup, all by ourself. Ok, we did use our microwave cart to get it down the driveway. But that was it! We were both so proud of ourselves. Recently, I inherited a TV so Sister #1 and I decided Sunday night would be a great night for the TV swap. I’m happy to say that our new TV is sitting in the entertainment center and the old one has already been hauled off to the dump. We had the new TV moved in before Desperate Housewives started...now that's impressive. Really, you can’t ask for a better Sunday night!

It might not have been the most exciting weekend, but it was a good one.


Snickleoh said...

your writing.. keeps my attention! :)
love it.
happy week to ya!

d.j. iverson said...
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d.j. iverson said...

i'm pretty sure hootie's real name is darius rucker, and i'm pretty sure i just declared myself a giant music nerd.

OK Chick said...


Darius Rucker is his name. I just Googled it. Not because I didn't trust you, but just because I'm bored and I wanted to see if you were right. Fine, I didn't trust you.

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