Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who needs therapy?

Impulse shopping.

Is there any other way to shop? I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not the only impulse shopper out there. However, if no one else is brave enough to admit the thrill of shopping impulsive than I’ll take all the blame/credit for this shopping technique.

Today has been a slow day at work. It’s been the type of day where a minute feels like an hour. The type of day where all you think about is food because you’ve looked at every cooking website known to man. I hate these types of days. When the clock finally hit 11:30 I was about to go crazy. I could sit one more minute in my lovely office, and I still had 30 more minutes before my normal lunch crew ate. It was at 11:34 when I decided to make a quick trip to the mall before meeting my lunch crew. Let me just say that working across the street from the mall can be very bad. Actually, I can’t think of one instance when working across the street from the mall has been beneficial? Yup, not one instance.

When I walked out of my office building I had decided I was on the hunt for a new purse. When I reached my car I had talked myself into buying the Coach purse I’ve been wanting for years. Once I came close to buying the purse, but I couldn’t justify spending all my rent money on one purse. Call me crazy, but I thought a warm house was better than a purse. I know I’m so not a girl! However, I decided today I would buy the purse. I figured this would be my reward for running the half marathon, making it through The Week from Hell, and still doing well in my MBA program.

I walked into the mall ready to purchase my purse. I didn’t even get to the Coach area before I was distracted by this super (much cheaper) cute Fossil purse. I looked the purse over for about 10.7 seconds before I decided it was a must have. I purchased my new purse and still about 20 minutes to kill. Next store was Buckle. I swear I was not even in the store before I found something I had to purchase. But in all honesty, the shirt I found (when I wasn’t even in the store) was the shirt I’ve been wanting for a few months. I saw a girl wearing it and thought it was too cute. Well now my cute butt will be wearing it!

I love impulse shopping. I feel better, purchased two cute things, and made it back in time for lunch. I had a yummy turkey sandwich waiting on me.


Snickleoh said...

cute purse! ;) you crack me up!!! i miss you.!!!

OK Chick said...

I know! Maybe someday I'll come see you and we can lay by the beach!