Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I ain’t got a motorboat but I can float your boat

This is another exciting installment of Weekend Updates. I bet you thought this post was going to be about motorboats. HA, I tricked you. Really, that is a line from one of my running songs. Right, so on to the Weekend Updates….

I’m a big fan of having people over to my house. I’m also a big fan of cooking dinner for my friends. I truly believe I’m a superior friend. I mean, what person does not like having dinner cooked for them? No one I tell you. Friday night I had two friends over for pizza and salad. The pizza was semi-homemade. I assembled the pizza myself, cut the veggies myself, and put it in the oven myself. Again, it was semi-homemade; I did not make the dough. Why spend time making homemade pizza dough when you can go to the grocery store and buy it made? I guess at the same time you could ask me….why do you make semi-homemade pizza when you can call Papa Johns? Fair question, but my pizza was far better than anything Mr. Johns could whip up!

I was up early for a 5K race. I’m proud to report I ran one of my fastest 5Ks at this race. I ran it in 29 minutes. I am pretty sure my exact time was 29:45 or 29:55 but I like to focus on the 29 part. I finally ran a race in under 30 minutes. I was so excited! The rest of Saturday could have been total crap and I’d still had a super day. But the rest of the day wasn’t crap. After doing some random shopping around town, Sister #1 and I headed home to see Sister #2 off to her prom. Yup, little Sister #2 went to prom. AHHHHH….
Sister #2 looked beautiful. She’d gone to get her hair, nails, make-up done and it all looked great.

I was up early again for more running. I’d planned to run six miles, but instead I ran 8 miles. I was so excited that I ran eight miles that I rewarded myself with a big Starbucks!
After I devoured my Starbucks it was off to church. Of course, I couldn’t really sit still after drinking a massive Starbucks. I changed sitting positions a good 30 times. I’m sorry; caffeine has that affect on me.
Later in the afternoon I went to get a fabulous haircut. As a woman, I sometimes get restless/pissed off with my hair. This usually happens after a week of horrible hair days. I have found that the best solution for this problem is to make an appointment at the nearest hair salon for a hair chop. These are usually my best haircuts because I walk into the salon not caring what happens to my hair just as long as they make it fixable. This hair appointment was one of those hair appointments. But an hour later my bad hair days were over. The fabulous haircut turned out fabulous. Sister #1 thought my hair looked the same. I know for a fact it did not look the same. But to be fair, Sister #1 doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time. Hey...it's the truth.


TC said...

I love having people over and cooking for them, too. For one, I like to cook, and for two, it's a great excuse to make something you wouldn't normally cook just for yourself. Two weekends ago I had a bunch of friends over and made lasagna and Baked Alaska. A good time I tell you.

(If you want an easy dough recipe for totally homemade pizza, let me know. I make homemade pizza frequently and I swear it's easy.)

Congrats on the race! That's fabulous news! :) I can totally see how that made your entire weekend.

And now I kind of want to cut my hair... it's been a year since I've had it cut. (Stupid boys who always say they want girls with long hair anyway.) I think you're going to be my inspiration :)

OK Chick said...

TC- Yea I'll take the pizza dough recipe. I've probably never made it b/c I don't have a recipe.
I love making lasagna! I have a great recipe from Paula Deen that I use- LOVE HER!

I've heard guys say they like girls with long hair, but my thing with that comment. They're not the one curling, straighting, drying the long mess (mine not yours). However, since I'm the one doing all that crap, I do whatever I want to my hair. If I want it chopped I do it. So my advice to you...CHOP IT!

auntlinda34 said...

okchick..be nice to Sis#1!! She is Special!!!!

Holly said...

When are you going to have me over for dinner?

TC said...

3 1/2 - 4 cups of flour (start with 3 1/2, it'll depend on how much water you need if you go to the 4)

1 pack yeast

1 coffee cup water (the lady I get it from is old fashioned... what can I say?)

You mix those all together well, either by hand (which is a pain) or in a mixer. If it's watery, add more flour. If it's crusty or floury, add some water.

After it's mixed, put a towel over the bowl and keep it in a semi-warm location for it to rise. Depending on how warm it is, it will rise fast or take awhile.

This usually makes about two pizzas if you let it rise a lot: if you only want one, it doesn' tneed to rise much at all.

I use a pizza pizzaz, so cooking time in the over is kind of beyond me, but I think it's like most pizzas, and you just watch it to see when it's done to the way you want it.