Friday, April 11, 2008

First EVER Links

Yesterday my aunt got after me, via email, for the lack of post on this blog. Sorry, for those who feel the same way. I haven’t had anything to write about the past couple days. I speculate I’m going through a dry spell. It happens to all great writers, or people that live boring lives. You know, same thing.
But today, the writer muses are smiling down on me. I feel the inspiration! Actually, I’ve finished all my work for the day and I’m bored. Yea, it’s only 8:42 so it’s either post something or stare into space for two hours.

My writing hero, Sports Guy on ESPN, does a weekly article called Links. He finds random websites/articles and post them for his readers to check out. His readers, like mine, do not work at their jobs. Oh come on, your checking my blog during your work hours, you are not that hard of a worker. It’s ok; don’t get upset, I’m kidding! Anyway, here are my links. Enjoy….

So I just discovered an earth shattering thing. I have to run 53 minutes to burn off the breakfast burrito I just ate. Seriously! My coworker and I spent twenty minutes looking up random foods on this website. Did you know that Krispy Kreme doughnut has less fat than a Sonic Breakfast Burrito?

It’s good to see that this guy is still getting press. It would be a shame if he became a has-been.

For all you single and visiting lots of random coffee shops. Maybe these tips will help. I especially like #5. Although, I’m usually the person saying…could you turn that down I’m trying to study for Finance and your AKON is disturbing me.

My favorite line from this article…. He won't serve as a "literary callboy," he says. Really, why not? I think “literary callboy” would look super on a resume.

Well that’s all the links I have for you today. Hey, I can’t entertain you all day!


Bone said...

How'd you do in your race Sunday?

OK Chick said...

I did pretty good. I ran it in 1:07, which is my fastest time. But Guy # 3 and my dad kicked my butt. Yea, I just can't beat them and it annoys me.

heather hub said...

Anyone who says this to me, 'Can I buy you that tea or would you rather just have the cash?' wins my heart. Automatically.

TC said...

I only have 17 minutes to go now. So thanks.

OK Chick said...

Hub- Diddo!

auntlinda34 said...

so guy#3-2 ran with your dad and didn't keep running??????

Emily said...

I didn't have the emotional strength to look at the website with nutritional information. I would rather just not know.