Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2,1097.5 meters

Hopefully, I will look like this lady on Sunday. Well, I probably won’t be crossing the finish line while waving a flag. I mean, it could happen but I doubt one of the spectators will randomly hand me a flag to wave. Although waving the flag as I finish, might get my picture in the paper. Hmmm, my picture in the paper would be neat. What am I thinking? You and I both know I will not be waving any type of flag as I cross the finish line. I’ll be lucky if I’m still smiling as I finish the race. Shoot, we’ll be doing good if I’m not screaming profanities at my dad as we cross the finish line.

Sunday morning my dad and I are running the OKC Memorial Marathon for the second time. Actually, we’ve participated in this race many times but this will be our second time to run the half marathon. I guess I should clarify how my dad and I run this race. I run the full 13 miles while my dad cheats and only runs 8 miles. He runs the first 4 miles with me to help me set my pace, because apparently after all these races I’ve ran I have no idea how to set my own pace. Anyway, after the first four miles he cuts off and meets me for the final four miles. It’s this cute bonding time we have together.

So yea, 13 miles on Sunday. Well its 13.1 miles to be exact or 2,1097.5 meters. Holy crap, I’m going to run over 2,000 meters on Sunday! I must say, that’s a heck of a lot. But I think I can do this. No strike that- I know I can do this. I’m ready for this race. Wish me luck….and this is how I want to finish the race. Well minus the dog and the snow and I won’t be wearing sweat pants. Ok fine! So I won’t look anything like this. Basically, I just want the Rocky theme song playing in the background! Anyway, Sunday…think of me.


monamachel1 said...

Good luck and I will be thinking of you. I kinda ran 13 miles yesterday. Ok, so I walked. Ok, so it was only three blocks but it was big blocks and we were in a hurry so we walked fast and up some stairs and through a bunch of drunk 40 year old women who were super excited to be seeing Bon Jovi. So, it really isn't anything like your marathon but I would like to think it was physically challenging!!!

ann said...

Yay! I'm running the 5k in a relay on Sunday. I'm excited!

I love you and your dad's method. That is great!

Good luck!