Friday, April 25, 2008

I survived and I deserve a medal!

I’m so happy this week is over! This week has been by far the most stressful week since I’ve started school. I have gone ahead and named this week…. The Week from Hell. Don’t you just love a good week from hell? I know I do!

I realize it’s annoying to hear/read someone’s complaints about HOOOOW BUSY they were. I get it, everyone is busy. But you guys don’t understand, I was actually busy.
Besides, this is MY blog and the title of the blog is This is my world, not your world my world. Therefore, I’m going to recap all the craziness that happened to me this week. So hold on to your hats folks, get ready for the recap of The Week from Hell!

Recap #1
This week was finals week. I have survived a lot of MBA finals week thus far; and this finals week shouldn’t be any different than the others. It gets crazy but that's it. WRONG! Monday night was my Accounting final. I’m not good at Accounting. I just don’t get along with numbers, unless it’s numbers going into my bank account! But by some miracle I had a 95 in the class. Ah, that 95 would be before the final. I’m just throwing out all this information so you guys don’t think I’m a complete idiot. Anyway, I was really proud of myself for having an A in my MBA Accounting class. I made up my mind thatI was going to work super hard to keep my A.
I studied my butt off Sunday and even left work early Monday to go home for more studying. When I finally took the accounting final I walked out of the room feeling like crap. Total crap. I didn’t know how to do the problems on the last two pages. I had to guess on about 10 questions. I was bummed, but trying to stay positive and thought I could possibly keep my A. It was a stretched but I thought maybe God would grant me this small request.

Recap #2
Again-finals week! Last night I had another final. This final was in Leadership. Sounds like an easy class doesn’t it? Well it was, until the final. My final in Leadership was over the 13 quizzes we’d taken up until the final. SOOOO 13 quizzes X 25 questions on each quiz = 325 possibly questions on my final!!!! I feel that I clocked a good 7 hours for this final. Ok, maybe not. No, actually it was about 7 hours. Ok, so I clocked a good 7 hours.
I studied Tuesday night and Wednesday night for this stupid test. However, studying for this test was somewhat fun, because of my study partners. I mean, it still sucked but at least I laughed a few times.

Recap #3
This happened yesterday! Guy # 3 calls me at work to let me know the Accounting test grades are posted online. Let’s just say I wasted a whole lot of time studying. I made a whopping 60!! I missed freakin’ Big Brother to study for that stupid test. Ok now you guys can think I’m an idiot, not because I watch Big Brother. My grade went from that beautiful A to a horrible looking C. AHHH! Luckily, I have one homework grade that saved me. I believe I pulled a B in the class. I’ll take a B, better than a C.

Recap #4
Again, takes place yesterday. Guy #3 calls me yet again! This time it’s to let me know I need to make a 77 on my Leadership final to keep my A in the class. What the crap! Does Guy # 3 not have anything else to do at work besides find ways to stress me out!!!!
This bit of information about kills me. I get so stressed that I leave work early to go study…but not before Recap #5 makes me want to blow what little brains I had left out.

Recap #5
As I posted earlier this week, Sunday I’m running a half marathon. Somewhere between Sunday and Wednesday I developed shin splits. Awesome! I thought maybe I was being a big baby so I kept trying to run with the minor case of shin splits. Again this is me thinking….I thought since I’m tough and strong the shin splits would just go away. WRONG! Yesterday they got so bad that my pro runner coworker told me to toss my brand new shoes and go buy new shoes. This along with about five other tips was the only way I was going to make it through the half marathon on Sunday. Yesterday I left work early to buy new running shoes and cram for my Leadership test. Now I have about 2 days to break in new running shoes. Double awesome!

See, that was a stressful week! But it’s over. Last night some classmates and I went out to celebrate passing Accounting and Leadership. Who would have thought those two finals would have caused so much stress?
Tonight I’m doing nothing. Really, I sitting on the couch and watching TV. Heck, I might just stare at the wall because I’m too tired to look for the remote to turn on the TV!


monamachel1 said...

I would just like to be the first one on your blog to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!". I'm proud of ya and you deserve to sit at home tonight and do nothing!!! I will be doing the same with the exception I am going to treat myself to a movie. A hint for ya. You should make sister #1 go rent you a movie and make you popcorn and have Lindsy time tonight!!!

OK Chick said...

AHHH thank you so much!
I do have a movie I could watch tonight. Yesterday I rented The Family Stone. It was my break from studying. I might watch it tonight, but again it depends on if I feel like looking for the DVD remote.

TC said...

Perhaps someone (like you) needs to tell Guy #3 to not be quite so helfpul? :)

Enjoy your night off!