Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Last night, I was watching an old rerun of Fresh Prince. Hey, before you start judging me you should know that I was super tired and brain dead. I had just completed my Accounting final, hence the brain dead part. I was too tired to care what I was watching; it was nice to just be lying down. Besides, how could you hate Fresh Prince? The show has the greatest intro song. I’m proud to say that I still know every word to the song. It’s true. I tested myself last night. I wish my brain could hold useful knowledge like Accounting instead of every stinking word of the Fresh Prince song!

Anyway, I’m lying in bed watching this old episode when something hit me. RESPECT! I wouldn’t say this random thought just hit me. The episode was about Ashley getting mad because her father and Will wouldn’t treat her with respect. It was actually a good episode; I remembered it from back in the day. But Ashley did something in the episode that I’d felt like doing all day! She sings the famous R-E-S-P-E-C-T song. While Ashley was singing on TV, I wanted to stand on top of my bed and belt out the empowering lyrics myself. I wanted to sing to everyone I had come in contact with yesterday! Of course I didn’t, because I was home alone and no one would hear me. Well maybe the dogs next door.

Since I didn’t sing last night, I’m taking the time to sing now...or blogging about it and pretending that I'm singing to everyone from yesterday. Who would have thought Fresh Prince would bring so much clarity to me?


TC said...

Sometimes I think having someone's respect means more than just about everything. But first you have to respect yourself, and I guess maybe that's where I really fail.

(I used to love Fresh Prince. No judgement here. If a rerun was on during work out time, I'd probably watch him too. Instead, it's SBTB and Full House.)

OK Chick said...

TC, I couldn't agree more. I think I've been selling myself short lately, which will help in the respect area.

I'm happy to meet another FP fan. Although, SBTB is pretty hard to beat. Zach Morris was so cute!