Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who is Mr. Right?

I’m writing this post inspired by a comment. Last week I was asked if I have a type, referring to a guy. I responded quickly to the comment by saying yes of course I have a type. Doesn’t everyone have a type? Well a week after this conversation I’m still thinking about the comment, which leads me to believe maybe I don’t know my type. Maybe, I’m typeless? I can’t walk around life being typeless? So I’m going to figure out my type. Today.

I’m not really for sure how to solve the type question. But for some reason I’m reminded of my friend Grant. My friend Grant once wrote a blog post listing all the qualities he wanted in his future wife. I believe he called it requirements. After reading his post my friends and I told him he was WAY too picky and he was destined to be single for the rest of his life. Look at some of these things he put on his blog….

Must never wear Capri pants (what’s up with those)
Must be at least 5’7” tall. (maybe I’ll make a few exceptions)

Now, don’t you agree with my friends and I? Riducouls! But a few weeks after he wrote the post, something happened. Grant met someone. Not only someone, but someone that met all the requirements. The guy with all the requirements met a girl, married, and is now living happily ever after. So maybe a list of requirements, like Grant’s, will help solve the “type” question? Maybe this will lead to more dates, which is what I’m sort of going for, not the whole marriage thing. Editor’s Note: I want to get married but not right now.
I can’t say I’ve ever sat down to write a list of requirements? What’s the protocal on writing a list of requirements? I’m assuming you just list what you want in a guy? Right? Alright, here goes…the list of requirements that will help me discover my “type”.

Must be a Christian.

He must be caring.

Wants to have kids.

Must like to laugh and make me laugh.

Must love his mom and family.

He HAS to enjoy traveling.

MUST have a job! I am not getting this MBA so someone can sit on the couch and eat Bon Bons while I work.

Intelligent. He doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist, but able to carry on a conversation.

He should have a hobby.

Enjoy a wide variety of things- camping, hiking, road trips, eating out, ect. Not just going to dinner and movie every weekend.

CAN NOT be more emotional then myself. My gosh, I do not want to put up with an emotional man.

He should not have an apartment/house that’s decorate better than mine.

Likes to attend sporting events- basketball, footballs and baseball.

Enjoys parties. I’m not talking drunky crazy party, but dinner parties birthday parties, bbq, anniversary…you know social things.

Can play some type of sport. I’ve played almost every sport so I need someone that can play tennis or basketball with me.

Enjoys being outside- lake, beach, pool, yard work, ect.

Will put up with my shopping. Not that it’s out of control but will not throw a fit everytime I got to The Loft.

Social. Can handle being around people he does not know.
Can not be lazy.

Common Sense. I know this sounds odd, but you’d be surprised how many people lack common sense.

Ok, twenty-one things. I guess that’s not too bad, it could be worse. I believe I covered everything that is important to me, and made the requirements obtainable. Ok, now according to my earlier statement this should help me determine my type. Let’s see, after reviewing my list Mr. Right needs be pretty dang amazing! Ha! Ok, really…. I believe my type is All American type??? A funny, caring, non-lazy, traveling All American. So Mr. Funny, Caring, Non-Lazy, Traveling All American- are you out there????


monamachel1 said...

Well, if he is, and you meet him, will you please ask him if he has a brother????

Kara said...

Make that two brothers!

A few years ago my roommates and I made a list of requirements - mine had 26 things in all.

Unfortunately they then held my best guy friend up against the list and he scored 25 out of 26. Number 27 was quickly added:


Suzanne said...

YOu are totally reasonable!!!

Bone said...

I once dated a girl with a list. I met every item on it except the last: I couldn't play guitar.

I never learned to. We broke up. That's probably why.

Clearly the list is very important.

I think yours is very practical and reasonable though.

TC said...

3 brothers. I think you just need to find quadruplets :) I've always said that I didn't think I was asking for much, that all I wanted was a nice American boy. Seems those are hard to find these days.

I think your list sounds reasonable too, but... I'm a firm believer that we'll bend and change that list as we grow. I've seen some pretty ridiculous lists (like the capris one of your friend) and I have to wonder... would we really get rid of someone for something so minute as wearing capris or not knowing how to play tennis? Probably not. Or at least I wouldn't.

Besides... you could teach him how to play tennis.

heather hub said...

i made a list. it had 20 things. i forgot about my list. things started going bad in a relationship, and i remembered the list and pulled it out. i realized the guy had 5 out of 20 qualities. this was very telling. i broke up with him b/c he was only 1/5th of the man i desired.

lists are good.

Tabs said...

hahahaha, I knew a guy that wore capri pants in college...and I believe you know him too.