Friday, December 7, 2007

Round 2

It’s that time again. FINALS WEEK! WOO HOOO!!!! There’s nothing like cramming for test and writing papers full of BS. YIPPEE. Ok, I’m not really this excited about going through finals again. I’m just trying to make it sound fun, so I’ll get real motivated. I don’t think it’s really working, but maybe when I get home today something will click-like the entire seven weeks of Economics will come to me.

This MBA is split into seven-week courses, which means you have two finals week per semester. This weekend for me is fully dedicated to studying. I have extremely high expectations of myself this weekend. I plan to finish homework, write two papers, start a take home test, and begin preparing for a presentation. I’m about 89.35% sure I will not finish this laundry list of things to do for school. However, I do really well when I’m motivated by reward. If I can finish everything this weekend I believe I will reward myself by eating one of these….

I didn't say it was a big reward!


TC said...

I’m about 89.35% sure

That's pretty precise :)

Good luck!

monamachel1 said...

So, the colleges around here cancelled finals this semester due to all of the ice. MSSU hasn't had electricity since Sunday. So, they cancelled finals!! How did yours go??