Monday, December 17, 2007

Four Truths and a Lie

This morning I was reading Kara’s blog and decided to steal her post for today. Thank you Kara- your creativity has reached me all the way from New Zealand.
Today’s post is called Four Truths and a Lie. Below you will see I’ve posted five statements. Blogger World, you must decide which one is the lie. Good luck!

1) I haven’t had a haircut since September.
2) I made an A in one of my classes. I’m still waiting for the grade in the other.
3) During New Year’s I’m going on an awesome ski trip.
4) I’m done with my Christmas shopping.
5) I have master Bowling on the Wii.


TC said...

I don't think you're done with Christmas shopping. (Which is kind of funny that I'm saying that's a lie, as I'm actually done with mine. But for some reason, I'm going with that one.)

Krista said...

I'm guessing #3. I've heard nothing about this awesome ski trip. But that would be something fun to plan for!

Suzanne said...

I'm guessing the shopping too!!!

Bone said...

If #1 is true, then I'm going to require a picture.

I have no idea what #5 means, so I'm going to say you couldn't have made it up without knowing what it is.

So I'll guess #3. I mean, surely the roomate would know.

Holly said...

I am guessing #3 as well. If you are going skiing I sure haven't heard about it. But I do think you have all of your Christmas shopping done!

auntlinda34 said...

"1) I haven’t had a haircut since September".. i hope that is it since YOU TOLD YOUR 92yr old great grandma that you could NOT come to her X-mas party becuase you had so many x-mas parties going on with work!!!!!!!!!!!!