Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Goals

If you remember back in June I set summer goals for myself. These were things I wanted to accomplish during the summer months. The goals had to be completed by Labor Day, which was yesterday. Let’s see how I did….

Hiking- CHECK
Participate in 2 races- CHECK
Go to a Drive-In

Road trip with friends- CHECK

It looks like I completed three out of the five. Oh and if you remember I said that I probably wouldn’t complete the camping goal due to the weather. When I made up the camping side point I was revering to the 100-degree temperatures, not pouring rain.
So really I didn’t complete one of the goals…Drive-In. I guess that’s not awful. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to the drive-in! Ah where did the time go? I guess I can shoot for going to the drive-in during the fall?

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awomansblog said...

Hi okchick: I found your blog at Wall Street Journal. I think, if I remember correctly, that I made plans to be a sloth all summer and to start learning stock trading too, which is why I am now a regular reader at WSJ. I’ve done both and am also happy to say that though the market was a tumultuous ride recently, I only lost $178 total.

I spent most of my summer behind the keyboard and with my nose buried in books and other financial publications. But I’m off now to my final semester at school and so that’s another goal I am finishing but it is longer term.

I think autumn is a great time for the drive-in, without summer’s attendant hot-car hoods. It may have been for the best that you didn’t subject yourself to the glaring metal heat. So, where did you hike and road-trip?

Anyway, it was such a treat to find another blogspotter on WSJ. Nice to meet you.