Friday, August 31, 2007

2 down, a bunch more to go

Last night was my second night of class. Grad school is hard! I thought getting my MBA was a great plan, but I'm starting to rethink if I made the right decision. I may not be smart enough for this!

Last night I had Finance. I sat perfectly still for the first hour and half. We were discussing the stock market, which I find very interesting. The second part of class was over math. I'm not a math person, so the second part of class was hard for me. I hate to say this, but I was lost before we'd even gotten started. AHHH it's going to be one long year.

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Paul said...

No worries... You are smart enough for the MBA program. Sure, it is going to be some work but you are used to working hard. Try not to focus on how far you have to go and just work on the next step. Keep making the forward progress and before too long you will look back and see that you have come a long way. And after a year (which will probably fly right by) you won't think twice about if it was right or not. You will simply be happy and proud of your accomplishment. Hang in there.