Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Paris spent one night in jail. This whole thing fascinates me. Do you think she has a roommate in jail?

I got a dog. Well I didn’t GET A DOG. I’m dog sitting. My coworker is allowing me to dog sit while he enjoys the Florida sun. Dog sitting has been a real eye opener. #1- I now do not want a dog. #2- Dogs bark. #3- Dogs bite your toes, and it hurts.
It hasn’t been all that bad. I like that someone is excited to see me when I get home, even if it is a dog.

I survived the weekend. It's not unusual that I survive the weekend. I usually survive the weekends. But this past weekend, the stakes were high that I wouldn’t survive. Friday night we had our town’s Relay for Life. We raised close to $88,000-don’t worry we are still accepting money. J The night was a lot of fun but I’m happy it is over. I was really happy it was over when I got to bed at 7:30am on Saturday.

I’m currently eating Goldfish crackers with my lunch. Those little suckers are fatting. My whole pouch has 9 grams of fat. I’m trying to decide if they are worth 9 grams of fat. Sure, I get about 70 crackers but 9 grams of fat. I could eat a bag of chips for 9 grams of fat. I find this new information disturbing.

My cousin just informed me that The Class is not coming back next season. Oh, I’m talking about the show The Class that comes on Monday nights. Sorry, sometimes I assume everyone talks TV like my cousin and I. I liked The Class. It wasn’t the funniest show on but it was entertaining. I never felt like I was totally wasting thirty minutes of my life when I watched it. In my eyes, The Class will be missed. Monday night TV will never be the same.

My friend Suzy sent me an email trying to prove how amazing the brain is. It’s one of those emails were you are suppose to stare at dots, and they become a different color because the brain is amazing. The dots in the email are pink, but if you stare long enough they turn green. I never saw green dots, just pink. I stared for a good minute, but I never saw green dots. I started to freak out. Why is my brain not turning the pink dots green? What is wrong with my brain? It’s probably all these dang fatting Goldfish crackers I’m eating.

Oh speaking of Goldfish, the real fish not the crackers, my friend Denver was telling me that he ate a Goldfish college. There’s nothing more to this fact, I just thought I’d share.

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson split up. I’m way excited about this. I really think I have a chance with Owen. You know, he came to OKC once.

I guess that’s all the Ramblings I have. I’m done with my Goldfish-the crackers, so I should probably move on to my Low Fat Apple Berry Granola Bar. I guess that was more useless information I shared with you.


monamachel1 said...


monamachel1 said...

First of all...yeah me figuring out how to leave a message!! I have beaten the google dudes that were against me leaving one!! I have won!!
Paris does not have a cell mate. She is all by herself. I wonder does she sing that song.
I told you you didn't want a dog. After one tried to eat me, I decided that and then I was reminded of that when one tried to eat my child. In my opinion, they are overrated. Get a fish.
RIP The Class. So sad, so sad.
Congrats lasting the weekend without dying. I would have been really bored if you would have not made it.
And last, I love goldfish. While I am eating them I sing "I love fishes cuz there so delicious. I love fishes!!"

Suzy said...

Linds...don't worry about the dots. Pink or green we all still love ya. Try it again tomorrow.

OK Chick said...

Thanks for commenting, I know it was alot of work. I like that you did it twice, it makes me feel cool.
You were right...I didn't want a dog.

I deleted the email. I thought it was best if I didn't look at it again.

Carrie said...

Hey!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm still struggling with my decision... ugh too many choices.

Bone said...

I was gonna offer to distract Kate while you were working on Owen. But, eh, she doesn't hold my interest.

We were just talking at work today about how there's nothing much good on TV right now. I'm ready for football season!

Denver said...

Real goldfish are low fat