Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Goals

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a goal setter. I know it’s dorky, but they say people who set goals do well in life. Actually, I totally made that sentence up. I’m pretty sure no one says anything about setting goals. Anyway, this summer I have set five goals for myself. I will be letting blogger world know each time I accomplish a goal.

I want to go hiking this summer. Yes, I realize I live in OK and there is a shortage of mountains. I will be hiking more of a hill, and not even a San Francisco hill.

In OK the summers are hot. I’m talking 120 degrees with a hot breeze. I’m thinking the camping trip will have to wait until the end of summer, maybe in the fall. So if I do not conquer this goal before the end of summer, I won’t be too disappointed. But I don’t want to be negative. I will try to accomplish the camping goal.
I want to do camping the right way. I’m talking…tents, fire, s’mores, and whatever else is considered real camping. Oh here’s a picture of what I want it to be like….
3.Road trip
I will go somewhere this summer by vehicle. I’m usually not a fan of taking road trips. I think it has something to do with getting carsick. But this summer I want a road trip. I want to go somewhere with a small group of friends. I don’t care if I go to Branson. Ok, I really don’t want to go to Branson, so hopefully I won’t be going there. I know Branson is lovely, but I’m pretty sure you have to be over the age of 55 to enjoy Branson. I’m thinking more of Dallas or Austin. Oh Austin would be fun, I’ve never been there. I’m sure when I’m puking on the side of the road, I’ll probably regret the road trip goal. But right now it’s goal #3.

I would like to run at least two races this summer. I believe this race would be cool, a tab hot but fun. This race was in San Francisco.
I want to go to the drive-in and watch a movie. Yes, they still have them here in OK. I think there are 3 in the whole state. I know one is not far from my town. I went to the drive-in last summer and it was really cool. Actually, I’ve been at least once for the past two summers. So to continue the tradition I just realized I had going, I’ll be going to one this summer. In case you young ones don’t know what a drive-in is…here’s a picture. Ok, I don’t have time to look for a picture-just imagine. It’s an outdoor threater.

Wish me luck on my goals. I have until Labor Day to accomplish them….


monamachel1 said...

So, I have never understood the whole hiking thing. I don't like to walk and I don't like bugs. I am ok watching movies about people hiking.
You should totally do a road trip to Missouri. Take your pick, Kansas City or St Louis or Branson. Or, you can take a road trip to Lake of the Ozarks, camp out, and take a hike around the lake. That would be three things at once!!

Bone said...

I think it's too hot to hike and camp right now. But yes, in the fall, I want to go, too!

So to continue the tradition I just realized I had going

That is such an OK Chick statement.

Krista said...

What's wrong with Branson??? People our age can definitely have a good time there. You just need to go with me sometime.

OK Chick said...

Mona- Hiking is pretty fun. I did it once and really enjoyed it.
RT to KC would be great. I've never been. My people will be contacting your people about a RT to KC.

Bone- I would love for you to join me on a hike or camping trip.
I look forward to your visit.

Krista- I knew you or Mr.T would have a Branson comment for me. I was actually going to put a disclaimer for you guys, but I forgot. I'm sure Branson is a rocking place, really I do.

Stacey said...

I would probably do any of those with you...minus the race. We used to go to the drive in all the time when I was a kid. It was fun!