Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Failed Scam

Last week, I received a call from the IRS. 

A "robot-lady" left me an urgent message from the IRS. She told me I owe money, need to call back ASAP, and left me a New York number. The consequence of not returning the call would be a lawsuit. 

A couple things about this message...
1. IRS does not call demanding payment. 
2. I don't think the IRS does lawsuits? I could be wrong. Someone should Google that question, and let me know if I'm wrong. 
3. The IRS does not use "robot-ladies". All of my phone calls have been with humans. Yes, I have had to call the IRS. 

Obviously, I knew the IRS was not calling me. I knew the voicemail was part of some scam; which made my afternoon!!! I was going to be these scumbags worst nightmare. I immediately dialed the New York number left on my voicemail. Sadly, the number had been disconnected. I was so bummed!!! 

Curious of what scam I'd missed out on, I Googled recent IRS scams. What do you know, IRS posted a scam alert the day before. The scam is "robot-folks" call claiming you owe money to IRS, with payment in Apple iTunes gift cards. Oh yes, you read right....Apple iTunes gift cards. I'm kind of insulted by this scam. Do people really think the IRS is taking payment in the form of iTunes gift cards?I don't understand the logic of this scam. Good grief!!! Sometimes I worry about this country. 


Renee Nefe said...

I'm surprised that they left you a voice mail. We don't answer the phone unless we recognize the number. Once the voice mail kicks in they hang up. On my cell phone I have the Should I Answer app. It doesn't ring through most of the time if the number isn't on my contacts list. I am glad that you know it was a scam and weren't scammed. I hope that others do also... I don't see how anyone could fall for the itunes payment.

OK Chick said...

Seriously...an iTunes gift card!!! I'm blown away that even one person would believe this is true.