Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weekend Plans

Earlier this week, Canada Travis invited a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl to this weekend. 

Do you see the problem? Yeah, the Super Bowl isn't this weekend. This afternoon, he notified me of our error..his error. Obviously, I cannot be mad. It was an innocent mistake. Needless to say, a Super Bowl party will not be taking place this weekend. 

In light of this new discovery, I have a sneaky suspicion this weekend I will be a single gal. I have a feeling my racecar boyfriend will need to spend the weekend working on his car. Oh yes, racecar season is right around the corner. In my current condition, I'm not much help with the racecar. Therefore, I get a weekend to myself. I thinking these events might be a possibilities.

A Walk
Hopefully, my mom is not reading this post. She will have a heart-attack! Truth be told, I can only walk about five minutes before warn out. No doubt, the walk would be a short walk. 

This might be more my speed. Who doesn't like a pedicure?

Oh, how I've missed Target!!! My bank account hasn't missed Target, but I've missed walking up and down the aisles. Target is a must for this weekend. I don't care if one of my Sisters has to push me around in a wheelchair. Ok, I'm not that bad. I'm fully capable of walking around Target. 

This should be a good weekend! The weather is supposed to be great, and I'm feeling great! 

What are your weekend plans? 


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Well if you walk with the basket around Target you can get your exercise and get caught up on all the cute stuff at the same time. :) We are actually attending CR for the first time since it's their big 10th anniversary. Looking forward to knowing more about the mysterious things that happen there.

ann said...

Target is chicken soup for the white girl's soul! :)

Renee Nefe said...

I agree that Target could kill two birds with one stone...walking and shopping therapy. Which you totally deserve. I bet Target misses you so much they might get you a motorized cart. ;) I also bet that your doc would approve of this therapy, as long as you don't over do it.

I didn't know what weekend the game was either...but then I'm not planning a party around it.