Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Racecar Woman

As promised, here's a recap of Saturday's meal. 

Let's start with the main feature of the evening; baked beans. The baked beans were everyone's favorite dish of the evening. The secret ingredient was Red Hot Lover Red Pepper Jam. 

Have you had this stuff? It's fantastic, and it's made in Oklahoma. The Prairie Gypsy's, creators of this delicious jam, have a Red Hot Lover Baked Bean recipe that is beyond words. Jump over to The Prairie Gypsy's website for this recipe. You won't be disappointed.

The costar dishes of the evening were brisket and pasta salad. Saturday's brisket was my first to make. I think it turned out well. I mean, no one ended up sick or hungry. I call that a win! 

I need to work on my food photos. Next week they'll be better. Anyway, I think the food was a hit. The pit crew was nothing but complementary; which is a good feeling. 

Here's a picture of the whole spread. 

I only have two more weeks to be Racecar Woman. I'm looking for suggestions, because I'm running out of ideas. Please give me your ideas!!! The only chicken. It's some bad luck thing. I don't really get it. 


Michelle said... might have already done that. I love short ribs, slow cooked with peppers and onions, I serve it up with some sort of potatoes and salad or other veggie, I bet you could put it all in a croc pot with small potatoes and green beans and it would be lovely....

Wa Wa Waughs said...

How about a good old Frito pie or those individual baked Ham sandwiches with the yummy sauce?

OK Chick said...

Thanks for the suggestions. All of them are great. I'll see if the driver has a preference.