Friday, July 10, 2015

Letters from Ok Chick

Dear Ariana Grande, 
Tough week! You think you hate America now. Wait until you see the aftermath of getting caught yelling it in a donut store. I have two words for you...Dixie Chicks. 
Ok Chick

Dear Mother Nature, 
I can't tell if I should applaud or curse you. On one hand, the cooler summer has been fantastic. On the other hand, please stop with the rain. 
Ok Chick

Dear United Airlines, 
I get it! My router is crap too!!! 
Here's to hoping your IT department has better upcoming days.
Ok Chick 


Renee Nefe said...

Yeah, I'm done with the rain also... I had to pull out fall clothing this week because the temps refused to get into summer range. sigh. not looking cute.

OK Chick said...

OK is definitely in summer mode this week. The heat index around here is 107-113. Hot!!!