Thursday, February 5, 2015


As you know, Sister #1 has two dogs, Pepper and Bodacious. I've posted pictures of both dogs multiple times on this blog. However, I've never really introduced you to Sister # 1 second dog, Bodacious. So, here's some facts about Dog #2.

1. Sister #1 adopted Bodacious after being a foster parent for all 3 minutes. 
2. Bodacious does not play well with other dogs. She is put in time out at Doggy Daycare pretty much every time she's there. 
3. She hides her food bowl. We think it's because of her years in the dog shelter. 
She's even known for putting toys over her food. 
4. Bodacious is a morning dog. Once someone's alarm goes off she's ready for the world. Pepper on the other hand, is not a morning dog. 
5. Bodacious is very protective of her toys. She makes sure they are near her at all times. 

It's funny how dogs have such different personalities; kind of like humans. I didn't grow up having dogs so all of this is new territory for me; which is why I'm thankful Sister #1 has the dogs. 


ann said...

They're pretty darn cute! And I'm biased, but dogs are great- whether they're yours or just in your life! :)

OK Chick said...

I agree!

Bone said...

I love the hiding the food part. So cute.

Renee Nefe said...

Lilly is a food hoarker... she'll eat all her food right now as if there isn't another drop coming ever, ever, ever.
Problem is that if she stays with our friend's dog who leaves his food all day and only eats his favorite parts out of his food...Lilly will scarf all his food down. She comes home very fat. She doesn't much care about her toys and leaves them everywhere.