Friday, January 30, 2015

Public Service Announcement

Today's post is a warning. It's a warning to everyone who does not believe sunscreen is important.

This is my dad:
Do you see how he's lacking in hair? It's ok, you can agree with me. Blogger World, when you are lacking in hair and enjoy playing golf in the summer; you need to wear a hat or sunscreen. 

For many years, my dad did neither. Therefore, this had to happen. 
The dr had to remove cancer spots from his head. 

Don't worry, he's doing well. A couple hours after his procedure he was back to work on his phone. 
The lesson we have all learned from this...wear sunscreen and/or a hat!!!!


Renee Nefe said...

My father in law had a spot from his face removed. In the same week my mother in law tripped over the speed bump while walking to the mailbox. So together they were both very bruised on their faces. It was quite comical.
Hubby gets after me for not wearing sunscreen, but he barely puts enough on to do any good. sigh

Amy Arbuckle said...

Hope he recovers quickly.

Amy Arbuckle said...

Hope he recovers quickly.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like a big bandage! I'm thankful it was not more serious!

OK Chick said...

Thanks guys! He's doing better with each day.

Lori said...

This happened to my father-in-law too, after years of playing golf and going fishing. I am just hoping all the sunburns I got as a child don't catch up with me one day!

OK Chick said...

Me too Lori!