Monday, September 22, 2014

Running with Zombies

While visiting Canada Travis this weekend,  I stumbled across a sign advertising a local 5k. I was thrilled beyond belief! The month of September has been one busy month, and I have not signed up for a single race yet. As you know, or maybe you do not know, my goal is to run a race each month. I've already missed one month, so I'm really trying not to miss another month. Since it's getting close to the end of the month time was running out for a September race. Now do you see why I was so excited? I was facing a deadline!!! 

So, not only was the race in Canada Travis's town, it was also a Zombie run. How awesome is that? I'll answer the question for's freakin' awesome!! 

Here's how the race worked....
At the start line, I was given two flags. Here I am explaining the flags to Canada Travis.... 
If I finished the race with both flags, I was a survivor. If I finish the race with zero flags, I was infected. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Throughout the course, Zombies were given the task of trying to take runner's flags. 

I really thought I had this thing in the bag. Canada Travis, Sister #2, and I have watched countless hours of Walking Dead. Surely, all the TV watching will help fight off high school kid zombies.
Blogger World, I'm here to tell you watching countless hours of Walking Dead will NOT help you fight off zombies!  At the end of the race I was given the Infected Medal. 

Overall, it was a great race! I had a blast, and I completed a race this month. 


Renee Nefe said...

Sorry they got your brains, but glad you got a race in this month.

Do you have races for the rest of the year lined up...or even know about some?

Michelle said...

I ran/walked 2 miles yesterday for the first time in a long felt great, I might be able to get back into it and be better then ever after all!

OK Chick said...

Renee- Unless it's the OKC Memorial Marathon, I normally sign up for a race the day before or day of event. The weather in OK is a bit up and down. I don't want to sign up/pay for a race and not run because it rains 5" or snows 5 ft. Both are possibly scenarios in the fall/winter/spring. However, with all that said I check a local website with a list of upcoming races. Although, I might not sign up until last minute, I still know what my options are in the future.

Michelle- Good work! Maybe we can do the Red Bud together again?