Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Can you relate?

Has this ever happened to you? 

You go to the store for one thing. But by the time you reach the register your buggy looks like this....

For all that is holy please tell me I'm not alone! 

Sunday after church, I went to Target for milk. I just needed milk. 

But it appears I needed much more than milk. Let's take a look at what I purchased on Sunday...

Obviously, I needed Star Wars cups. Lord knows, life would not have gone on without the Star Wars cups!  Also, it looks like I needed two packages of earrings, a white bowl, colored sandwich bags, cake pan, and a coloring book. You never know when the coloring mood is going to strike. 
INSERT EYE ROLL *HERE*.  Let's see what else is in there? Oh, I see yogurt. I love yogurt and it was on sale. Therefore, I bought eight yogurts. 

As we continue to dissect my buggy, you see I did grab the milk. Sadly, there are many times I completely forget to grab what I need. I hate when that happens. 

To be fair, I would like to point out I did buy a few things that are excusable. The face wash and baby wipes. In a few weeks, I'm attending two baby showers. The baby wipes are part of the present. The face wash was on sale and I usually pick up a bottle when it's on sale. So, those things are excusable. However, the rest was unnecessary! Well, except the Star Wars cups and yogurts. 


Renee Nefe said...

For the grocery store I HAVE TO HAVE A LIST!!! It's a total joke for me to go grocery shopping with out one now days.

But Target & Walmart, yeah, my cart looks just like that every time. Here the running joke is that I can't leave Target without giving them $100. *eyeroll*

I'm making a list for Walmart as I'm at the computer in hopes of not giving them my entire purse.

Michelle said...

There wasn't that much extra stuff in there....next time I'm in Edmond I'll have to pick up some colorful sandwich baggies to change lunch up a bit!

OK Chick said...

Renee- I'm glad I'm not alone. HA!

Michelle- The colorful bags make a huge difference in lunch packing. There's three different colors in the box.

Bone said...

Yes, I would say for every one thing I intend to buy when I go in, I wind up buying two other things I didn't plan on.

I love to color!

OK Chick said...

Makes me feel better.