Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How many pictures does it take....

Saturday was the garden party attire wedding. Canada Travis and I totally looked garden party attire! Sadly, the day was very rainy and chilly; which means no one else wore garden party attire to the wedding. Whatever! I'm over this wedding. The couple should just be happy we showed up and ate their delicious wedding! And I mean, delicious wedding cake!!!

I'm currently waiting on a friend to email me the girls group picture from the wedding. But to tie you over, I have the boys pictures. Blogger World, how many pictures do you think it takes for four grown men to look decent??????

It took six pictures. Obviously, none of these pictures are amazing. Even though all of these guys are amazing, they just couldn't get it together for a group picture. We finally gave up and went back to eating our delicious cake. 

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