Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Greatest Before and After Pictures

Last year my mom decided teaching five year old children wasn't enough of a challenge. She needed a real challenge; so she moved to the new elementary school in her district.

Construction on my mom's new school was scheduled to be finished beginning of August. SHOCKING NEWS:::It was not completed at the beginning of August. Truth be told, the school was finished this week; which one week into the school year. 

Anyway, my mom was allowed to unpack boxes in her new classroom two days before school started.

 The day before school started I showed up to help and this is what I walked into: 

Once I saw the above train wreck I quickly went to work. My mom had to attend meetings, so I unpacked boxes and organized supplies while she was gone. After three hours we made some progress:

Another two-three hours later the room was somewhat ready for kids. 

I'm pretty proud of my mom. She handled all of the stress like a champ. I would have been in the corner crying and throwing crayons. 

Monday morning, I took off to help my mom in her classroom. I was amazed at what she accomplished in less than one week. All the boxes are unpacked, tables are ready, and children are learning. 

Good work mom! 


Renee Nefe said...

Congrats to Mom & her crew.

Construction projects are NEVER completed when they are supposed to be.

Wishing Mom all the best for a great year.

OK Chick said...

Thanks Renee!