Monday, April 28, 2014

Half Marathon Completed

Sunday was the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon. Cool Coworker and I ran the half marathon. 

Here we are before the race started; which was also before the rain, lighting and hail started. 

Don't worry I was prepared for the rain; hence the trash bag I'm holding in the picture. 
In my simple mind, wearing a trash bag was going to save me from the down pour and hail. 
Thankfully, Oklahoma Memorial Marathon folks knew better and delayed the start time two hours.

 Have you ever wondered what 26,000 people do during a two hour rain delay?
Well, today is your lucky day because I have the answer. 

We hang out in parking garages...

We hang out in a church...

Basically 26,000 people hang out anywhere that will keep us dry. Otherwise you were this guy.... 

The two hour rain delay was a curse and blessing. The blessing is we didn't have to run in the rain/lighting/wind/hail. The curse is by the time the race started, I'd peed 5 times and my 4:15am breakfast was gone. 

However, we survived and ran a great race.  The weather ended up being perfect for a 13 mile jog. There was no wind, rain, lighting, earthquakes, or hail. In Oklahoma, you can't ask for better. In fact, I ended up having one of my faster times, 2:24.
Despite what this picture looks like I am running. 

Blogger World, no race is complete without cheerleaders. THESE PEOPLE are the best!!! 
Thank you for sitting in a car for two hours, driving ALL around OKC to see us run, and getting up at 5am on a Sunday! It was very much appreciated! 


Wa Wa Waughs said...

You win! Great post. You forgot to mention the heat!

OK Chick said...

I was so thankful for the lack of wind that I didn't even notice the heat.

Bone said...


Wait isn't that you in the background with the cheerleaders? Did you stop running to take a break?

OK Chick said...

Good eye friend! Yes, that's me in the background. I'd already finished and was waiting to cheer on Cool Coworker.

TC said...

You look very cheerful for someone who just ran that much.