Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Recap

This weekend was my birthday. I turned the big 3-3; and you know I never waste a birthday weekend.
I'm a big fan of celebrating birthdays! Here's a recap of my birthday weekend...

My parents cooked a great family birthday dinner, which included 3 different types of salads! My mom really out did herself with the food! The surprise of the evening was my aunt/uncle/cousins stopping by for short visit. It was great to see these crazy folks! 

Lots of sugar was used to help celebrate!

Milkshake for lunch on Saturday. 

Cupcake for dinner on Saturday night. 

Birthday Pedicure...

No birthday is complete without some shopping. Sister #1 and I hit up my favorite bread store. This place sells bread for cheap prices. I walked away with hamburger buns and a loaf of bread for $0.89 a piece. You can't beat those prices!!!

My birthday weekend ended with a new episode of Walking Dead.

Overall it was a nice birthday weekend! 
Here's to year #33!


Michelle said...

That milkshake looks yummy!!

OK Chick said...

Oh Michelle it was very good!!!