Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Update

Even though the weekend has come and gone it doesn't mean I still can't share all the fun things I did. 

Friday night, I started my weekend off with some Halloween festivities.... a spooky ghost tour in a cemetery.
However, after the tour we decided it wasn't necessarily a spooky tour; it was more of a history lesson that took place in a cemetery. All-in-all a great time! Well, I had fun.

Saturday was another college football game. Have you ever wondered what two adults look like after standing in the rain for six hours? Folks, please allow me to ease your curiosity..
I'd say this picture was taken at hour four. We're still smiling. 

Sunday,I discovered a tasty treat! 
Blogger World, saltine crackers and chocolate is delicious!!! I highly recommend everyone try Trisha Yearwood's Sweet and Saltine recipe. It's simply, quick, and delicious. 

During Sunday night dinner, The Sisters and I carved a pumpkin for the family contest. I think this one might be a winner.

There you have it...my weekend. 

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Renee Nefe said...

We've done cemetery tours before, but they were called cemetery crawls and weren't at all spooky. Just a historical tale of the lives of the folks there. Very interesting.
I think the worst one was where we had the town mayor who is Italian pretending to be our town founder who wasn't at all Italian. Oh well.