Friday, February 22, 2013


Blogger World, please explain something to me. What is this Harlem Shake? I've seen a couple YouTube videos but I don't understand the hype. Why is it so funny to everyone? Who started it? I don't get it. Does this mean I'm getting old? I'm only 31!

Speaking of being old, last weekend I wore my pink tutu.
Sister #1 and I ran a Valentine's race. On our way home from the race we stopped at a couple stores, Walgreens and Lululemon. There's nothing weird about an adult wearing a tutu and shopping for leftover Valentine's candy.

Yesterday I woke up to thunder, lighting, snow, and rain/sleet. It appears Mother Nature had a typical girl moment. She couldn't decide what to do so she just did it all. She said screw it and threw everything at us. Well done Mother Nature, well done.

As I've mentioned before Sister #2 is graduating college very soon. In her honor my family has decided to take a celebration vacation. For the past few months everyone has thrown out suggestions for vacation destinations. Here are some of the suggestions: Philly, Savannah, Kiawah Island, Switzerland, London, Vienna, and Hawaii. On a given day, my family cannot agree on a continent. Lord knows where we'll end up on vacation. But with a list like this, you know it will not be lame. 

This weekend are the Oscars. I have to be honest, I really don't care about the Oscars. I've never been a fan. It's so long. I don't have the attention span for the award show.

Confession: I love Pinterest. I'm constantly pinning recipes and home decor ideas. The other day I had a brilliant idea. For all those design stupid people, like me, Pinterest needs to start including names and numbers of people that can make your home look like a Pinterest home.  For instance, I love this laundry room....

However, I cannot turn my laundry room into this gorgeous room! It's NEVER going to happen. So it would be nice if Pinterest would provide the name and number of someone who can make this happen. I know there has to be other people like me out there?

Folks I'm out of Ramblings.



Renee Nefe said...

wow that laundry room is pretty! Mine could never ever look like that. Course the chandelier isn't practical. It would constantly be covered in lint!

OK Chick said...

I agree but it's pretty.

Bone said...

My sister asked me Saturday what the Harlem Shake was. I told her I didn't know. Then I immediately began doing the Cabbage Patch and repeating, "This is the only dance I know... This is the only dance I know..."

OK Chick said...

HAHA! Bone, that's really funny.
I'm sure you looked awesome doing the Cabbage Patch.