Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is this a great state or what?

I love my state. As an outsider, you might not understand the charm of Oklahoma. Sure you've read Pioneer Woman's Blog and think we're cute, but there's more to my state then living on a ranch. We're not a big city with lots of skyscrapers, and we don't have a subway system. However, here are couple things that give Oklahoma it's my opinion.

1. We do not ride horses and live in Teepees. 
True statement.

2. We get excited over our crazy weather. 
 A quick disclaimer to this point: no one gets excited over lost lives or lost possessions. Now with that said let me continue...
An outsider might think it's odd to get excited over tornado season or when a blizzard/ice storm hits the state. I agree, it's weird. But there's just something about hearing the words...Hook Echo, Doppler Radar, and golf ball size hail.

3. We dig for stuff. 
Here in the Sooner State we like oil and gas. It's not the enemy. We do not think it's bad for the environment, drinking water, or Corporate America.  We also know how to spell frac'ing. Thankyouverymuch!

4. We get fired up over sports.
We love us some sports! It doesn't matter if you are a Sooner or a Cowboy, we stand behind our teams...especially our Thunder! So when our boys win, you better believe it's a big deal around here!



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what what!!! This is totally putting OKC on the map....