Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Rambling: tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects.
Folks, enjoy your December Ramblings....

If you haven't noticed it's Christmas time. This can only mean one thing, Christmas movies. Here at Cheap Cable World, I have one channel airing Christmas movies, Lifetime. I must say, this year they have had some good movies. The other night I watched one called Recipe for a Perfect Christmas. It was really cute. It was definitely one of those cheesy love Christmas movies, but whatever. I like cheesy love movies.

Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers daughter, is dating a porn king. Now a couple things come to mind when I read the article. Number one, when did our society start appointing porn king and queens? I mean, was there a vote? Number two, how does one go about introducing their porn king boyfriend to the family? Call me crazy, but I see that introduction being a bit awkward.

Last weekend, I had my work Christmas party. This marked the second year of attending solo. It wasn't bad. Honestly, it wasn't a horrible experience. Well, until the Party Pics lady asked if I wanted a picture by myself. Why would I want a picture by myself? Why?
Blogger World, I swear some day I will have a legit date to my work Christmas party. I'm adding it to my goal list. It will happen someday!

Time Magazine revealed their Person of the Year. This year they have recognized The Protesters. I'm not for sure what else to say about their choice. Congratulations?

While in Canada, I rediscovered a love. NO...wait. I did not rediscover any type of love. Strike that sentence from the record. What I meant to say is I rediscovered my fondness for the cast iron skillet. When I was younger my grandma would fry eggs and bacon in her cast iron skillet every morning. Folks, you have not experienced eggs unless they have been cooked in a cast iron skillet. No sir!

Pioneer Woman will be releasing a new cookbook. Does this woman ever run out of recipes? Good Lord!

Good news with my Fantasy Football league. I'm in first place. Well, my manager and I are in first place. I'm really proud of this accomplishment. It's my first year to play and I'm kicking butt. It's really fun when you win. The best part about all this...I still do not know a thing about the NFL. Zilch!

Friends, I hope you have enjoyed your Ramblings. Until next time...


Renee said...

We've been getting our cheese Christmas movie fix from the Hallmark channel as we don't get Lifetime with our cheap cable.

um idea about the porn king. I guess that's the best she could do after the facelift and boobjob in her 30s. (or did she get those earlier?)

I always had more fun at office parties going solo. I once tried to take my then boyfriend and ended up leaving before anything started because HE was uncomfortable. sigh! My boss had sprung for a very nice dinner too. :(

another reason I don't read Time magazine. :p

I keep meaning to try cast iron, but haven't yet done it.

Are the recipes new or just in a different organization? I know that many recipe books are the same but maybe they put all their holiday recipes in one book...or their party recipes. Ya get the idea. I would hold out to get it until you can peek at it and see if it is really new stuff. Also aren't most of the recipes in books online somewhere?

Congrats on your football thing. Is that the appropriate response to something you know nothing about? ;o)

ann said...

The comment about the solo photo made me laugh out loud. Oh people and their good intentions... :)

Bone said...

Yes, Lifetime is about the only source for Christmas movies in casa de Bone, as well.

I like A Nanny For Christmas. I may or may not have watched it twice this year already.

Yeah, good call on the no solo picture. That would've just been sad.

PennyCandy said...

I like Christmas movies as well but I have not had time to watch any.

Cast iron corn bread is the BEST!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Porn king...what? See, I need you to remind of some of the weird stuff happening out there in the world!

Just keep on being you and someday you'll meet the right guy. Keep on giving us ramblings!

Juluie M. said...

I hope to one day marry a porn king as well. (or maybe a porn queen. We'll see what happens.) And I'm so behind the times because I had no idea that Pioneer Woman had a new book - that woman most definitely does have a pile of recipes. Hope you're doing well and have a wonderful holiday season!