Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love to run

The month of September I ran a race almost every weekend. It was kind of fun. Well, I thought it was fun. I understand it might not be your cup of tea. Below are pictures from two of the races.

The second race I ran was in Norman, home of the Sooners. I enjoyed this race for the pure fact that we ran through OU's campus and ended on the football field. My running partners for this race were KC along with one of her boys. You can tell Little Man was pumped to be there. I must say Little Man did well on his first 5K. He slept two of the miles.

The third race was Warrior Dash. As you can see from the picture, the aftermath of climbing a mountain, jumping over barbwire, running over cars, and climbing a few walls is a bit muddy.
Did I mention the fire we jumped over at the end?

Oh I know, I am a Rock Star!


Gena said...

All I can see in that last photo is that woman holding the banana. She doesn't look fazed (phased?) by the fire. I am very much afraid of that finish line.

Renee said...

How did Sister #1 stay so clean? I can see a tiny bit of mud on her leg but she isn't brown from the chest down like the rest of you.

That Warrior Dash sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm not a runner. Could I walk it?

OK Chick said...

Yes you can walk the race. There's one in CO. It might be near you Renee.