Monday, July 11, 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Today is big trash day. This morning, while running, I was checking out everyone's junk. One house had some great junk. They were tossing a grill, a nice grill. If I didn't already have one I would have rolled that sucker home. Another house was tossing two lawn chairs.

The first lap, around the block, I just "eyed" the lawn chairs. The second lap, I ran closer to the curb to see what type of lawn chairs they were tossing. The third lap, I stopped to see if there were in good condition. The fourth lap, I grabbed one of the lawn chairs. I placed that baby on top of my head and started walking home. Imagine the Chiquita Banana Lady but with a lawn chair.

WHAT? The lawn chair was in perfect condition, and lawn chairs are expensive! Who doesn't need an extra lawn chair?

The moral of this post, please hide all your junk because I have no shame in stealing it!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

You go, girl! Before my son or his friends decide they want it in the tree house!

Amy in Edmond said...

Next time you see a grill let me know. We are in need of one.

OK Chick said...

Amy- it's around the corner from your house. I'm sure it's still there, and I'm positive you know the owners of the house.

ann said...

Impressive! I left my old recliner on my curb one day- not even big trash day- and it vanished! I was happy. Hopefully the new owners are too.

Renee said...

Our next door neighbor tends to toss out quite a bit of good stuff. We've collected from there a coffee table, a mini-trampoline and loads of wood scraps.

The coffee table is currently holding plants in my kitchen.

The trampoline was Darly's for years but this year I sold it to a friend for $10...her son LOVES it!

and the wood scraps will be used for multiple projects around the house...hubby hopes to build storage in our garage with it.

lawn chairs are great!

Gena said...

I would have given anything to see you running with a lawn chair on your head. Anything.

myjoyproject said...

Awesome! And why not take it? Better than sending it to the dump!


dj said...

I'm laughing because there's an episode of Hoarders on right now, and one of the ladies steals trash from around Edmond, OK. There's no accusation there, just a really funny coincidence.

Bone said...

Are you sure they were tossing those, and hadn't just been sitting in them enjoying a nice morning outside? :)

I see lots of couches curbside these days that I would have been all over when I first moved out.

OK Chick said...

DJ your comment made me laugh!!!

Bone, I hope I didn't steal the chairs. I don't want to go to jail.