Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So raise your glass if you are wrong

Saturday, Sister #2 mowed my yard. Isn't she sweet? I was down and out with a neck/back injury and she saved the day. Before Sister #2 started mowing she asked if she could borrow my iPod. Of course, I said yes because I'm a really cool sister.

Sunday I was in Hometown, USA for Mother's Day when Sister #2 and I had the following conversation:

Sister #2: You need some new music on your iPod
Me: Why?
Sister #2: All the music you have is old.
Me: What? I have plenty of newer music on my iPod.
Sister #2: No, you don't. It's all old!

Shut the front door! Did Sister #2 just call me old? Is she doubting my taste in music? I have taste in music. I listen to everything from Classical to Weezer to Jay-Z. Look, I even know how to spell Jay-Z! No I didn't use Google. Ok, maybe I did to check myself but I was right.

I just couldn't believe Sister #2 was saying this to me...my music is old. I mean, sure I might have an MC Hammer or Coolio song on my iPod; but you have to understand, when you run for 2.5 hours you need variety.

Before I left Hometown, USA Sister #2 made me CD with up-to-date music. Folks, I knew all the songs on the CD she gave me. I would say about 5 of them are already on my iPod. I informed her of this information. I felt better about the whole situation. It's nice to know I still got it. Of course, she should have never doubted me. I've always had impeccable taste in music.


Renee said...

I don't have an ipod and my mp3 player picks is also a FM radio that I listen to more.

Carrie said...

If it makes you feel better, I finished my marathon to NKOTB... and I'm not ashamed to admit that they got me to the finish line...