Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'll send you a postcard

Today, I learned something earth shattering.

Today, I learned I have an obscene amount of unused vacation time.

It's 23.4 days to be exact.

What's up with the .4? Why do I have .4 of anything? And while I'm asking all these questions how does one acquire so much vacation time without knowing?

This new information has inspired me to search for a trip. But not just any trip, a fantastic trip! I'm talking discover a new city, shop at H&M, eat great food, thrilling airport excitement trip. Otherwise known as a vacation.
Blogger World, this summer my mission is to research the perfect fall vacation. I'm going with fall because I can usually talk my family into fall trips. And let's face it, I'm running low on the travel partners so I need my family.

Feel free to leave me some ideas for fantastic destinations.


Gena said...

That's like over three weeks of vacation! Unbelievable. I would head to NYC in a second.

Cap'n John said...

On average there are 22 work days in the month, so your 23 days is a whole month's worth of vacation.

The 0.4 is 3 hours (& 12 mins) and that's enough to work 5 hours on a Friday then take off early.

I have 40 hours. One week's worth of vacation. Yay me :(

Renee said...

some nice places to go in the fall...

We've gone to Williamsburg VA and done the Historic Triangle.

We've gone to California to see Disneyland & Sea World...ooh and Knotts Berry Farm too...that's really fun in the fall.

We've also gone to Florida.

The thing is with CA & FL the fall is still warm enough to enjoy all the beachy things only without so many crowds. :D Just gotta watch hurricane season in FL.

I don't know where H&M stores are located though.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

WOW! Well my recommendation is to find a travel website you like - my favorite is Tripadvisor and get busy doing that research!

I could give you tips on some of these favorites of mine:

Niagara Falls
Mt. Rushmore
San Antonio

Karla said...

If you want to see beautiful fall color you should go to Quechee Gorge, VT. It is incredible! The 2nd week of October is the best time for New England fall color. If you want a list of places to visit around Quechee - let me know. Mark and I went there at least 3 different times while we lived in CT.

J said...
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Bone said...

I can't think of any place to send you that you haven't already been. Niagara Falls sounds like a good trip though. What about New Orleans?

I'd save New York until Christmas-time, so I could go skating at Rockefeller Center.

thisgirlsjourney said...

Come see me in London!