Friday, May 20, 2011

My Week in Pictures

As we come to the end of our work week, I thought I'd share the highs and lows of my week with some pictures. I stole the idea from USA Today, or maybe it was MSN. To be honest, I'm not for sure where this idea came from, but I'm going to go with it today.

Coupons. This week I attended a Coupon Swap. It was hosted by my friend KC. She invited myself and few stay at home moms. They wanted the diaper coupons, and I wanted all the Greek Yogurt coupons. It worked out well.

Rain. Now, I will not have to pay to water my flowers and yard for the next few days.

Thunder. This picture says it all. Can I get an Amen? For real!
Staplers. I have two staplers at work. Recently, both have been stolen. I'm mad about this minor office crime. Actually, I'm pissed. Why does someone need to take my stapler? Everyone should have their own stapler. There is no need to come into my office to take my stapler. Justice will be done!
Chocolate Dessert at 8:45pm. Apparantly, I have lost all self control when it comes to food. While watching Thunder, Sister #2 and I shared a dessert that was similar to this picture. Ok, actually it looked nothing like this picture. We were sitting in a bar/restaurant, what do you think the dessert looked like? I'd guess Sister #2 and I were the first people to order dessert since 1999.

Strawberries and Blueberries. Blogger World, Target is having a sale on these wonderful fruits. Every morning I've been eating a big bowl. did you know, blueberries are great brain food. I'm thinking with my brain medicine and blueberries, I should be a top notch employee.

Folks, there you have week in a nutshell.


Renee said...

One of hubby's co-workers is in one of those coupon swapping clubs and she brought a bunch of coupons to work. Hubby looked through quickly and snagged one for dog food (GOOD HUBBY!) but unfortunately I just bought dog food and the coupon expires on 5/31...I guess we'll have to stock up! (not like the dog food hasn't been sitting on the shelf for 10 months already)
We've been having buckets of rain here too...this weekend I'm sure our feet will be webbed.
We used to have an issue with pens walking away from our desks at work. I started putting my name on them and STILL I would find them all over the building. crazy!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

sounds like a pretty good week!

I think I would do like some place I've seen and tape a plastic spoon or some other annoying item to the top of your stapler. Then MAYBE it would stick around...

Amy in Edmond said...

Your hydrangea looks great.

I put funny stickers on my stapler and so far it has always come home after being stolen. Usually my assistant principal has stolen my stapler. I just go get it off her desk.

Julie M. said...

You're starting to sound like Milton with his swingline stapler! :)~ That chocolate dessert looks great, but honestly, anything chocolate does the trick for me. Glad to hear you had a great week!