Friday, March 18, 2011


This weekend starts my birthday celebration. The Cousin and The Cousin's brother, who is also my cousin, will be in town to help celebrate. I have no plans for my actual birthday, which is Tuesday. Next Friday, MrT and I are taking off work to celebrate our birthdays, his was last week. Right now our itinerary is The OKC Zoo, lunch with a friend, and a Jazzercise class.

On the way to work I heard Fishing in the Dark, by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I sang along very loudly. I have very fond memories of this song. Actually, I don't have fond memories, I just really like the song.

I did not register for birthday gifts at William-Sonoma. I felt that it was selfish.
But if I ever get married, I will not have this attitude! It will be a free-for-all on the registering. Mark.My.Words.

I have strong feelings of disappointment towards Vanderbilt. They messed up my bracket! However, I feel I can bounce back from this set back. Now if Ohio State loses, I'm up a creek.

This week OKC Thunder beat The Miami Heat. HA...take that LeBron James!

Have you ever noticed that Pioneer Woman cooks unhealthy recipes, yet she is super skinny? How does she do that?

Sister #2 wanted me to let everyone know that she has heard of Saved By the Bell, just never seen an episode. I know, it's still a failure on my part.

Starbucks is now selling Cake Pops in their stores. You know a blogger invented Cake Pops, right? I wonder if Starbucks paid for her invention? Do you think she's rich? Another blogger hit it big. I find that very impressive. It's amazing what blogs can do! I use mine as therapy, and others make millions.

Ok, on that rambling I'm going to end this bad boy!



Renee said...

wow! Am I really first? I'm amazed.

Have a very Happy Birthday! Your zoo trip sounds awesome. DD's birthday is coming up and she is so excited that she has it all planned and has sent out the invitations already...I need to get ordering her favors. oops

Registering for gifts is really the coolest thing ever and I think that it is really sad that we can't just register for all gift giving occasions. ;o)

Bone said...

"Spring is almost over and the summer's comin', the days are gettin' loooong..."

You should have a Saved By The Bell marathon one weekend with Sister #2. I have one season on DVD you can borrow.

Happy early birthday, OKC!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like fun - give us a review on that new elephant exhibit! I love the way our zoo tries to do what's best for the animals as far as habitat.

Have a great birthday if I don't get to see you before the big day!

Anonymous said...

Those cake pops are so cute, they were calling my name at the airport yesterday but I resisted.

Happy Birthday!