Tuesday, March 1, 2011

21 days and counting

It's finally March, my birthday month. Now, before you start rolling your eyes please know that I am not one of those people that celebrates their birthday all month long. Of course, if you are one of those people, more power to you. My family would not put up with a month long celebration. My parents and sisters would nip that in the butt real quick.

In 21 days I will be turning 30. The big 3-0. I'm sure something huge is suppose to happen when you turn 30? Right now, nothing is coming to mind. I already have a job, pay taxes, and mow my yard. Really, what more is left?

But if we quickly walk down memory lane, we will see I've actually accomplished quite a bit for being such a young one. For instance.....
1. Finally rode my bike without training wheels
2. Learned to read
3. Passed 2nd grade
4. Ran my first 1 mile for Physical Fitness Test- took me a good 20 minutes
5. Discovered that I enjoyed writing, even if I sucked at spelling and grammar
6. Selected to be part of my Elementary School's choir
7. Attended 1 Middle School dance
8. Passed Middle School
9. Survived High School, even though my parents made me drive a Jeep Wagoneer
10. Conquered my "driving on the interstate" fear
11. Retired from playing basketball
12. Started playing tennis while in High School, never won a tournament or went to State
13. Had to get stitches two different times while in High School
14. Was hit with a golf ball and lived to tell the story-great story
15. Never broke a bone

Right now, I'm going to stop at 15. Why you ask? Castle is about to come on TV. Maybe another time I will finish the rest of the list? I still have plenty to list. We've only hit High School.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I imagine that will be a pretty long list by the time you get done!! I spent most of my 29th year dreading 30, so I'm glad you haven't done that! Once it happens, no big deal. My recommendation? Whatever day that is, take the day off and do all the things you love: eat at your favorite restaurant (s), watch your favorite movie, or splurge on a spa treatment. Whatever it is, do it for yourself!

Renee said...

well if you continue with 15 things per day until you're birthday we might find out everything there is to know about you! LOL

Amy in Edmond said...

I knew a girl in high school that got hit with a golfball. Bill got hit with a discus at a track meet in high school and lived to tell about it.