Monday, February 28, 2011

Hockey Players

Friday night, Sister #1 and I were invited to attend a hockey game. It was my first time to see OKC's newest hockey team, Barons. I really can't tell you much info about Barons, or even much about hockey. I've been to hockey games before, but never fully understand what is going on during the game. What do you expect? I'm from Oklahoma. I didn't grow up playing hockey.

Like most hockey games I've attended, I'm into the game for the first quarter. Then I get restless. I don't want to say bored, because I don't get bored. I would say it's more... ready for a scenery change. This is usually when I start people watching. Sadly, Barons aren't drawing a huge crowd to their events.

Since attendance was low, I decided to look over the program. FOLKS, I have riveting news. After scanning the program, I quickly realized that OKC has recruited some very good looking hockey players....
Of course, there were more cute players but I do not have the patience for copying each of their pictures. Sorry.

I would like it noted that a hockey player fits my dating criteria. If anyone is wondering. First, they have health insurance. You know hockey players have good health insurance. I bet they have good dental too. Second, they're breathing. Third, they enjoy sporting events. I bet these guys enjoy going to Thunder games and other sporting events. I'm sure if they were invited to an OU/KU basketball game they wouldn't reply....I can't because I don't think I'll have enough time to get really. Of course, this is just an hypothetical example. This has never happened to me in real life, never.

If anyone knows where the hockey players hang out, let me know. I would like to meet a couple, or just one. I'd be ok with just meeting one hockey player.


ann said...

Those are some good looking faces.

Also, that is the best/worst excuse I've ever heard.

OK Chick said...

Thanks for your support Ann!

Renee said...

you don't want to date a hockey player...they have terrible tempers. One time DD & I were watching our local team practice (yeah the Avalanche) and two guys broke out into a fight for no apparent reason. I told DD that she wasn't allowed to ever date any sports player cuz they all have very bad tempers...too much testosterone. She agreed (at the time)

d.j. iverson said...

Just a helpful hint, hockey games are divided into three periods, not quarters.

And if you're looking for a minor league hockey plaer off the ice I would check your local construction site or sanitation dept.

OK Chick said...

Thanks DJ! Although, you kind of killed the hockey dream. :)