Thursday, February 3, 2011

The club can't even handle me right now.

It was 6am when I left my warm house for work. I arrived to the office at 6:20. The seven minute drive took 13 extra minutes, without visiting my morning friends at Starbucks. I can't complain. Well, I can complain about Starbucks. Yo Starbucks, clear your parking lot. From the road it appeared I would have to jump a mountain of snow to enter your parking lot. Not happening in my tiny corvette. I don't really drive a corvette.

Anyway, I did make it to work. I was the second employee here. The parking lot wasn't so clear, which annoyed me. I said very ugly things about my boss as I was bouncing around in my car praying I wouldn't get stuck. Apparently the snow clearer people forgot to clear the road that leads to the parking lot. It's an essential road.

This snow storm has taught me a few things about myself. Number one, I can clear my driveway all by myself. Sure it might take about 2-3 hours, but I can get it done. Number two, I can and will drive to work in crazy weather conditions. Gold star for me! I didn't slide one time on the adventure to work. I was going the safe speed of 20 mph. I'm for real.
I guess that's about all I learned about my self the past two days.

PS- Gena, I am wearing my Jeggings today. I have them paired with some boots with the fur.
Ok, I'm going to end this post because I've referenced two rap songs in the post. And not just any rap songs, two Flo Rida songs. I believe that's all time high.


ann said...

I love the Flo Rider references. :) And way to rock the jeggings!

Kari said...

You should have tried coming in the parking lot... Lots of litte corvettes made it in... And it is OKC's fault for plowing the snow there!

Renee said...

I'm glad that you made it TO about making it home?

OK Chick said...

Making it home was a bit of a challenge, mostly because of the other drivers. They scare me.