Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Post II

Day two of the blizzard was productive. First, I'm going to brag. Folks, look at my driveway. I did that myself. I did. I am woman hear me roar! I'm very happy about this accomplishment. It just feels good to do something all by yourself! Most of my neighbors had kids or husbands helping them clear their driveways. I had no one. After I conquered the driveway I had a couple visitors. The Sisters came by to bring me a drink from OnCue. Do you guys have an OnCue? It's just a gas station, but it's a good gas station. They carry top quality drinks, especially Hot Chocolate. Sorry Starbucks.

As you can see, Sister #1 is still having fun with her new shirt. To be completely honest, if I would have known about this neat trick, I would have bought a shirt too.

Sister #2 eventually got bored of just talking. She decided to entertain herself by taking pictures around the house. Sister #2 is a talented girl. Here's a few pictures she took around the house...

Well, that's about all I did today. The driveway was a chuck of my day, around two hours; which now doesn't seem like a big chunk of my day. However, it was worth it because afterwards I felt that it was ok to eat half a bag of chips. Oh don't judge I ate veggies with the chips, Spinach Dip.
In other news, right now I'm watching Dharma and Greg. Do you guys remember this show? It's pretty good. It's funny. I can undersatnd everything they are saying, because it's not on a Spanish channel. Anyway, I just thought I'd pass along that thought.


Victoria said...

That's impressive!! Sounds like a good day! Hopefully I'll see you Sunday if Im able to go to church! ...and if we all survive this blizzard, since it is the end of the world and everything ;)

Renee said...

that's more snow than we got and good for you to move it! Our cold front is supposed to be movin on so perhaps yours will also.

Today I bought some Special K potato crisps and ate about two servings worth before I got sick of them. sigh!

Gena said...

Very impressive on the driveway, love the jewelry holder. I was just hoping for a picture of you wearing jeggings while shoveling the driveway while drinking Starbucks. Is that too much to ask?

Amy in Edmond said...

I love OnCue! Bill got out and got some for us yesterday. The boys and I cleared our driveway.