Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Folks of Hollywood

This morning, I was browsing US's pictures. For some reason I feel the need to look at and US every morning. It's kind of annoying, because it's a waste of time and brain cells, and I have to work hard to keep all my brain cells. But to be fair, I'm only doing this while my computer programs are loading. I use quite a few programs in a given day. I do. I'm important at work! I AM dang it. Anyway, on US Magazine I noticed a headline about Natalie Portman. In bold black text it said:
Pregnant Natalie Portman: I'm Excited to Get Fat!

Please raise your hand if you believe this statement? And, raise your hand if you have the sudden erg to punch the computer screen, the nearest person around you, or Natalie Portman? No? Sorry, maybe it's just me. But I find this statement annoying and very fake. Is it just me?

Oh, and you can put your hand down. Unless you already put your hand down to punch the computer screen, which if that is the case sorry about your computer screen.

Now, I just read that Kate Hudson and her Muse rocker boyfriend are expecting a child. Also, Owen Wilson and whoever he's dating are expecting. Do these people not know about birth control? Good grief. I need to read something stable, like MSN.Money.


Michelle said...

I too, look at US Magazine and People everyday. I think Black Swan wore Natalie Portman out, and really if you think about it, she's one of the smart ones in Hollywood, Harvard and all....did Kate and Owen decide to have kids despite each other? and in other news Cooper is currently refusing to put on a new diaper because Huggies now has pooh and tigger on them instead of mickey and pluto....I'm writing a letter!

Renee said...

I guess if you saw all of that then you also saw the cover that shows Ryan Reynolds with Sandra Bullock.

I get tired. It is too much trouble to remember who is sleeping with who. I don't think these folks really know what love is as they're so used to acting. I do want to slap them though.

Wouldn't it be nice for one of them to actually be someone worth looking up to?

Cap'n John said...

"excited to get fat" ???

Honey, you might be gaining weight but you're pregnant, with child, not fat. Bit of a difference there.

Victoria said...

That's awesome that you're doing core groups! Are you in the high school or Jr high room? I won't be there this Sunday because of Winterfest, but I should be there the next Sunday.

Chell said...

I am glad to hear that I am not the only person to get to work and look at the same thing everyday.... I scope out the news channels every morning though, I can't keep up with who is with who on the celeb. side.

Julie M. said...

Ok, I officially have tears from laughing so hard. Who the hell is excited to get fat?! I can almost hear the glee in her voice.

TC said...

Maybe she is excited to get fat because then she will have something to complain about?

She's too skinny.

PennyCandy said...

She is way to skinny.

Ally said...

I'm with John--that's not getting fat. I think it's sad. And please don't make pregnant women afraid to get "fat" since they need to gain weight and it's perfectly natural and healthy (as opposed to getting "fat" in a way that is bad for your health).