Friday, November 5, 2010


Folks, it's confession time....

My dream job is to be a food critic, and to work at Sonic headquarters. Of course, not at the same time. Although, you might be able to be a food critic at Sonic headquarters.

I think I like to overload my life to see when/how I'll crack. This week I cracked. I apologize to anyone that felt the brunt of my crack. HA! That's kind of a funny sentence when read out of content.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

I'm a fast walker. Even when I try to walk slower, because someone is walking slow in front of me, I'm still walking faster than the average person.

The past couple days, I've started my day off with a bit of Jesus. It really helps my day go smoother. And by smoother I mean, I don't scream, kick, or punch someone.

I hate cats.

They make me sneeze.

Ok, I believe that's all the confessions I have right now.


Renee said...

boy that was random. :D

Have a great weekend.

and I walk fast too...I get annoyed with folks just poking along at the mall and blocking the entire way.

Julie M. said...

Do you feel better now that you got that all off your chest? Which, by the way, is where my cat is now laying as I'm typing my comment to you. :P

Have a great weekend! Don't run too hard!

Bone said...

I like Thursday, too. The week's almost over but you've still got the full weekend to look forward to.

I'm a fast walker, too, but I don't think I realized it until just now.

Here's hoping I never feel the brunt of your crack.

Stacey said...

That is why we walk well together. I can't walk slow to save my life.