Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Wants

I adore Rachel Zoe. I love her job. I love her husband, and I am falling for her assistant Brad. However, tonight while watching The Rachel Zoe Project I realized something. I realized that my dear friend has it all wrong. Life, she has it all wrong.

If you watch the show at all you know that this season one of the topics of conversation has been Rachel and Rodger starting a family. Her husband, Rodger, is all for starting a family. But Rachel is not quite ready for mommy duties.

In tonight's episode Rachel and one of her make-up/hair stylist were having a heart-to-heart about Rachel and Rodger starting a family. During the conversation Rachel made a comment that made me feel sorry for her. She said that her clothes love her back. I realize the comment was probably half joking, but I do think that maybe some of it was an honest opinion.

Folks, Rachel is wrong. Clothes do not love you back. I don't care how much they cost, and how much you love them. You should expect no love in return. I know my Blogger Friends, the intelligent people that you are, know that materialistic things will not love you back. But if we all know this, why are we so materialistic? Why is our world such a materialistic world?

I'm mostly point the finger at myself. When did I become this way? Sure, I don't go around telling everyone that my Gucci purse loves me, because let's face it, we all know I do not own a Gucci purse. But I want stuff. I want to buy things for my abode, and buy new clothes. All things I don't need, they are just wants. Instead of focusing on "wanting stuff", I should focus more on the relationships I have with people. The people that will actually love me back.

So tomorrow, my Wednesday Wants is that I will stop wanting.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, you got it:


I will never forget the first time I heard that. I was in the nursery with one of my babies, and I overheard one of the "Nursery Nanas" say that. I remember thinking to myself, 'she is so right.'

Renee said...

Of course you are right and on the path to figuring this whole life thing out.

If you can remember to put your needs first and put off your wants you'll find that you're much happier as a house full of old wants that you no longer use is a cluttered mess.

Julie M. said...

Sometimes in our society it's hard to focus on the fact that things aren't more important because "things" are bombarding us EVERYWHERE!

It's great to have the reminder! (I never liked Gucci anyway.) I'm more of a Marshalls girl myself. :D

TC said...

It's all much easier if we just stay out of stores :)

Someone once posted about getting to choose one or the other: traveling to any place of your dreams or finding that one person. As much as I love traveling (and I love it more than just about anything I've ever owned), I still chose (and would always choose) someone to love who loves me back, first.

Gena said...

AMEN! It's a constant battle. I was driving home tonight praying that I can just get my priorities straight....God, family, friends...etc. I'm so sick of dwelling on things and things others have and other's perceptions of me. Yada yada yada. I also thought about my age and that I'm probably more than a third done with my life. Morbid, maybe, but I just don't want to look up and be 80 and wonder what my life was centered on. We're here for a blink, you know?

Good post.

OK Chick said...

Great comments by everyone.

Julie, I agree with you. We are bombarded, which does make it hard.

Waugh-People are more important than things, and they are more important than TV shows!!!

Renee-Sometimes it's hard to put off our wants, or distinguish between a want and need.

TC- LOVE your comment. I want the same thing.

Gena- I don't think you are morbid. I think that exact thought often. Well not about you, but about myself. I think it's a good reality check, and I usually have the thought while running.

Anonymous said...

Wow, deep thoughts with OK Chick!