Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tour De OKC Food-Part IV

Well folks this past weekend I tried another OKC establishment. This eating establishment wasn't on my original list of "Must Tries", but it is a place I've always wanted to try out.

Last Saturday I went to Deep Deuce Grill.

You can find Deep Deuce Grill in the middle of OKC's trendy downtown apartments. This whole area reminds me of a small scale NYC. Now, when I say small scale, please know that I mean SMALL scale. So for you folks that have never been to OKC, do not think our downtown is like NYC. It's not.

Ok, let's get to my review. First of all, you guys are going to be disappointed in my food selection. I ordered a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tater Tots. I know...I could have ordered the same thing at Sonic for 1/2 the price. But you know what? I love Tater Tots, and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich sounded good at the time. When I saw Tater Tots on the menu, I couldn't resist. They were calling my name.

As you can imagine the food was ok. It was nothing fancy. Again, I could have ordered the exact meal at Sonic, and I'm certain that America's Drive-In might have made me a better sandwich. My co-eater ordered a Ranch Chicken Sandwich, and it looked good. He said his sandwich was good, but agreed that he's had better food.

I would say Deep Deuce is a great place for the people living in the trendy apartments. It's very convenient to those residents. But I do give the atmosphere high ratings. It is a great neighborhood place. It seemed like a place where everyone knows your name. You know, like Cheers. Also, there's a great outdoor patio, which I love. I didn't eat outside, because I didn't know there was a patio. However, I sat inside and watched the AL football game. This would be an ideal place to watch a football game. It probably doesn't get too crowded, and it's pretty small. You would be able to see a TV.

Overall, I rate Deep Deuce Grill a solid 6. Not horrible, but not my favorite. But again, I did order Grilled Cheese and Tater Tots.


Julie M. said...

Even the grilled cheese and tater tots deserve a rating! The restaurant looks cute and definitely like a good sports bar hangout.

Are you sure OKC isn't the same as New York? :)

OK Chick said...

HA! Yes, Julie I promise OKC isn't the same as NYC. However, they are building a really tall building downtown. It will be 30-something stories.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Okay, glad you tried it. I'll skip it, I think.

Anonymous said...

I love that place. I got there for lunch sometimes. I order the barbeque ranch chicken salad and I substitute beef for chicken. It is amazing!


Gena said...

I just can't stand the name Deep Deuce. Who's with me?

Bone said...

If the Bama game was on, it sounds like my kinda place!